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Happily Divorced

On Air: Jun 15, 2011 - Feb 13, 2013
Network: TVLand

Happily Divorced Cancelled After Two Seasons

TV Land is not bringing back the Fran Drescher comedy.

August 23, 2013

TV Land has cancelled Happily Divorced after two seasons. The Fran Drescher comedy, which aired its now-series finale in February of this year, aired a total of 34 episodes since premiering in the summer of 2011.

(Source: Deadline)

Comments (14)

Posted 02/16/14 at 13:41:07

Why not cancel other garbage on TV instead of funny and well written ones such as Happily Divorced.
Posted 12/18/13 at 21:10:14

This was my fave TvLand show (next to Hot in Cleveland)...cant imagine why they cancelled it.
Posted 09/20/13 at 16:16:48

Cancelling this show was a terrible mistake. It was funny with a great cast. Too much potential that TV land didn't see. Maybe another network will realize the potential and pick this show up
Posted 09/14/13 at 19:58:51

Aww, I liked the show. It was an interesting niche.
B. Pistorino
Posted 09/10/13 at 17:44:43

So many shows on TV Land are "Terrible"
I don't see them being cancelled.
Plus! Some of the new shows that are being
Why cancel Happily Divorced?
It had a great cast.
How about "A Petition" to keep it on the air!
Come on TV Land come to your senses!
Posted 09/09/13 at 22:42:46

This show had a good cast. Lots of room for crazy episodes. Very surprised that this was cancelled. I enjoyed this one - light, was different.
Posted 09/07/13 at 16:43:26

Netflix or Hulu Plus or even Crackle should pick this show up. It was a good show if no other network would pick it up.
Yamila Borges
Posted 09/06/13 at 07:29:10

I love the show!!
Posted 09/03/13 at 15:07:12

T.V. Land is becoming a waste of time. They finally come up with a entertaining show and cancel it. Happily Divorced was really enjoyable hopefully the idiot making these stupid decisions will get their head out of their rear. Plus it would be nice if they are canceling a show if they would say series finale not season finale. It would also be nice if they wrapped story lines.
Posted 08/28/13 at 04:51:03

This show was funny! Come on tvland! You cancel this but allow the Soul Man to stay on???

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