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Longmire Renewed For Season 3

The A&E drama will return in 2014.

August 29, 2013

A&E has renewed Longmire for a third season. Co-creator/executive producer took to Twitter earlier to give fans the good news:

"Thanks to the 5 million plus weekly fans (live+7). Young and older skewing alike! The call just came: SEASON 3 for #Longmire is a GO!"

The crime drama recently wrapped a second season that saw it continue to pull in impressive ratings with each episode.

UPDATE: Season 3 of Longmire premieres on June 2, 2014.

Comments (102)

Posted 06/11/15 at 20:24:21

How can we get Forever renewed?
linda o
Posted 01/20/15 at 12:56:17

A&E was one of my favorite channels...NOT now!!!! The reasons given for A&E cancelling Longmire was because their viewers were too old...even though they consider us old..we are still young enough to avoid their channel. Felt so sorry for the cast and crew when it was cancelled because they did such a good job of making a truly enjoyable show.
Posted 11/17/14 at 19:03:47

You cancel all the good family shows and keep the crappy, slutty, junk on so we can't get away from it. You take all the good shows off, this being one of my favorites, and I'll just have to quit watching tv at all.
Posted 11/15/14 at 19:30:58

What a shame my husband & I really enjoyed watching it .Please consider bring it back
Terri fields
Posted 11/08/14 at 21:37:19

I love longmire. What a shame a&e screws up again. Let's put something on that is mind numbing.longmire kept my attention and I loved the acting and storylines. Quality looses out again.what a stupid choice to cancel. I hope another network picks it up.might as well take a&e off of dish network since they will have nothing to offer thinking people.f#####g bone heads are running a&e.dumb asses
Posted 11/08/14 at 05:59:13

I am so upset over the cancellation of Longmire. It is a good clean program. I guess if it's not full of sex then it's cancelled.
Posted 11/05/14 at 15:45:57

I can't believe Longmire has been cancelled. I am very disappointed in A&E. I will no longer be watching anything on A&E. They have lost all respect. I hope other viewers will stop watching anything on A&E in protest.
Posted 10/26/14 at 12:11:01

How sad I Am that Longmire was cancelled. Now will have to look for something else that is good to watch. Not much out there. Only other good shows are Major Crimes and NCIS. A and E really is a sad station. Bad management.
Posted 10/06/14 at 17:15:58

Best show I've seen in a long time. It was devastating to learn it was cancelled. Who's the bone-head making these decisions.Now I have nothing to watch again. I'll try Netflix.
Posted 10/01/14 at 23:01:30

A&E needs to reconsider bringing back Longmire tv series back,it was one of the best shows on tv with this type of decisions A&E needs to be cancelled.

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