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The Glades


The Glades Cancelled After Four Seasons

A&E will not be bringing back the cop drama.

August 30, 2013

A&E has cancelled The Glades after four seasons. The drama aired its now-series finale earlier this week, where it drew a season-high viewership of 3.4 million people.

The Glades ran for a total of 49 episodes since its premiere in the summer of 2010. It will be remembered as A&E's first original series that was picked up for more than one season.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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Comments (231)

Posted 09/21/13 at 15:13:19

Jim is on the floor with gunshots and you have the nerve to leave us not know what happens next. You have got to be kidding. A&E is one of the best networks on the air. You continue with stupid shows like Duck Dynasty but cancel the Glades. I can't believe this; such a waste. Bring back the Glades and let Jim and Callie live happily. Cancel Duck Dynasty instead.
Posted 09/21/13 at 07:22:55

We need a happy ending at least please!! You can't leave her at the alter with him where he is. AT least give us a 2 hr series finale!!! PLEASE!!!
Posted 09/21/13 at 06:50:46

Finally, someone had the good idea to cancel this. Got so repetitive.
Pat W.
Posted 09/20/13 at 19:36:56

We need an ending!!!!! Better yet, don't cancel it. This was a great show. Funny and interesting.
Posted 09/20/13 at 11:25:50

how can you bring back a doughrbag show like big brother and cancel glades??! and let it slide on that cliffhanger!
Posted 09/19/13 at 22:40:29

3.5 million households watching a summer show is nothing to sneeze at. So to end the show leaving so many loyal watchers with no respectable finish is a slap in the face to all of us. Disrespect to the loyal watchers is not ok. The network needs to give us a proper ending. I do hope another network will pick it up. MKL
Posted 09/19/13 at 19:20:35

I hope A&E reconsider's. I liked this show, I am tired of all the reality shows' that encourages poor behavior.
Posted 09/19/13 at 10:38:04

Please try to influence A & E to reconsider cancelling this fun show.
Posted 09/19/13 at 08:50:12

You wanna know why duck dynasty is still on TV and not the glades? Even at its best ratings, the glades was pulling in 3 to 4 times LESS viewers. Stop complaining about the glades being cancelled by saying shows with much more viewers are still on. Idiots
Liz N
Posted 09/19/13 at 08:06:58

The first season was one that hooked me on watching each week. I liked the show better when Jim was a bachelor detective with room for personal stories, and I mean, nothing serious. Calli seemed to drag down the stories. She is pretty, but boring. The story line should have just been left to flirting. This past series was boring with too much of the wedding and Calli.
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Matt Passmore (Jim)
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