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The Glades

On Air: Jul 11, 2010 - Aug 26, 2013
Network: A&E

The Glades Cancelled After Four Seasons

A&E will not be bringing back the cop drama.

August 30, 2013

A&E has cancelled The Glades after four seasons. The drama aired its now-series finale earlier this week, where it drew a season-high viewership of 3.4 million people.

The Glades ran for a total of 49 episodes since its premiere in the summer of 2010. It will be remembered as A&E's first original series that was picked up for more than one season.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (244)

Posted 10/06/13 at 12:57:04

NO WAY!!!!!I cant believe another good series cancelled.I wonder if when people dvr shows they show up in the ratings. i would have to say no. and 3 million + viewers in the summer months,is not too shabby. A&E YOU MADE A HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!
Martha J
Posted 10/06/13 at 05:47:15

I believe you guys new you were canceling the show .The network could have ended it better. Too many unanswered questions. The show was awesome. I loved the characters. A&E should at least bring it back to wrap up the story. It's unfair to the loyal viewers . It's unfair to the series as a whole. A terrible way to go out!!!!!
Posted 10/05/13 at 17:29:05

It would be remember as the a show who left their fans in the dark. Who shot Jim or is he alive or dead. Did ray shoot Jim or that other guy the U.S Marshall. Does Kallie really marries Jim or does she still has feeling for Ray. She so confuse. I don't like her.
Posted 10/05/13 at 04:25:59

The Glades was one of my favorite summer shows. Bring it back. This is not a way to end things. I won't watch reality tv. I prefer well written drama. Bring The Glades back.
Posted 10/01/13 at 19:53:41

A cliffhanger, really. This is now about the 5th or 6th show that I have started watching only to be cancelled within a few years. Sick of reality tv shows everywhere. I am also tired if getting involved in a show to be disappointed when cancelled, especially when it ends with a cliffhanger. My solution I am not watching any new shows this fall, only watching my tried and true for years shows.
Posted 09/25/13 at 18:32:10

The networks must really not care what people like to watch or they wouldn't keep cancelling the good shows. It really makes me not want to watch anything new they have to offer because as soon as I like something they cancel it. And to not even finish the story!! They couldn't have left it at a worse place.
Posted 09/23/13 at 14:36:35

figures they cancel the good shows and leave cliffhangers this has happen so many times like fox with alcatraz. abc. the river. the event. scyfy alphas. and now this wtf is wrong with you networks. mucky mucks smoking crack and watching barney
Bart Farkle
Posted 09/23/13 at 08:31:39

It is terribly unfair to loyal fans to cancel The Glades with a cliff-hanger-type ending rather than with an ending that is satisfactory for a series finale. There's a big difference between a season finale and a series finale, and this one was handled wrongly.
Bob Hodges
Posted 09/23/13 at 08:30:29

You cancel a show with such a dramatic ending....great cliff hanger for next season and your freaking cancel it? What are you thinking?
Karen Vogel
Posted 09/22/13 at 20:16:34

To A&E as well as all the other networks. Glades has been a most enjoyable show. One I look forward to seeing. I enjoy the characters and story lines.
I absolutely hate and avoid reality tv. Reality tv is, in my opinion, a way of showing the world how stupid, crazy, lazy, and sick Americans have become. It is no wonder other nations look down upon America.
Bring back good tv shows like glades and have a winning year.

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