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True Blood

On Air: Sep 7, 2008 - Aug 24, 2014
Network: HBO

True Blood Ending in 2014

The HBO series will conclude after 7 seasons.

September 3, 2013

HBO announced today that after seven seasons on the air, True Blood will be concluding its run. The show's previously-announced seventh season of 10 episodes will premiere in summer 2014.

By the time the final episode of True Blood is broadcast next year, the show will have aired a total of 80 episodes over six years, of which during that time it was consistently one of HBO's most popular series.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (29)

Posted 09/20/14 at 23:05:49

I love true blood my daughter interested me in watching it, now I can't stop watching it. I am sprung.
Posted 07/28/14 at 19:44:15

I feel bad because my parents love this show.
Teresa Krejci
Posted 07/16/14 at 11:48:40

I'm sure all the actors are getting bombarded with offers for other shows, films, and stage presences what with the success of the show that make it difficult to balance filming and engaging in the offers. I also believe that Steven and Anna what time to connect with each other and those adorable twins of theirs.
Michelle Hastey
Posted 06/23/14 at 00:57:21

I have been a total fan from the first time a friend turned me onto it! It is magic, Love, Hate, good vs. evil and all of the above... I loved the costumes Tara plus her mouth lol and Jessica, most of all Pam her hair and her just awesome way about herself in character. Arlene's Hair was great I am a red head and want that color so bad. This show was way out there just hearing their accents that they pulled off blows my mind I wish them all the best all of the men were handsome and the girls great I wish it would continue but great things always come to an end! HBO knows what they are doing!
Posted 05/18/14 at 03:47:50

True blood,Believe,Intelligence,Almost Human,Revolution,etc,etc,where will this stupidity end?
Posted 01/18/14 at 09:51:15

I'm not happy this show is ending. I've been watching since season 1. At least it's being concluded and not just cut off to leave viewers hanging though. Although, Between this show & Boardwalk Empire WTH!? What's next Game of Thrones?!
Posted 01/07/14 at 08:23:02

its not always the network, sometimes its the writer/creator they just want to move on to new things
Posted 10/28/13 at 02:06:43

Blue Blood is one of the best shows. haven't missed an episode. The show will be missed. What is wrong with the networks....always cancelling shows that people like.
Victoria L
Posted 10/16/13 at 23:53:37

Where will I get to see my Alcide? He's the main reason I'm still watching. Maybe HBO can make a werewolf show.
Posted 09/11/13 at 16:41:00

By the way, I'm also super mad they killed Russell Edgington! What a great character to watch, played by a great actor. Than they killed Steve Newlin, also amusing! Please add another delusional vampire for next season!

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