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Motive Returning To ABC

The Canadian cop procedural will be back next summer.

October 2, 2013

ABC will be bringing back freshman series Motive for a second season. The Canadian-produced police procedural, which has already been renewed up north, will be back for US audiences during summer 2014.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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Comments (10)

Issac Myers
Posted 11/16/13 at 14:22:42

It is good that this is staying with us.
The point of how the killer is known right off
is refreshing. How they discover the known plot
is the interesting part. The cast is a great working
team and the writers keep me interested.
Sharon Tidwell
Posted 10/14/13 at 15:34:30

Hooked from the first show. The two lead detectives are great. Love the writing.
Sharon Tidwell
Posted 10/14/13 at 15:33:26

I was hooked from the first show. The two lead detectives are awesome together!! I just wanted more episodes.
Posted 10/06/13 at 14:54:59

Because the Canadians don't have accents that confuse people.
Posted 10/03/13 at 12:12:49

Did not know this was a Canadian show. Love it. By the way Flashpoint is from Canada too. Why is it that we broadcast the original Canadian versions but remake the BBC ones?
Posted 10/02/13 at 19:15:43

So glad Motive is coming back for a second season! I got hooked on this show from the first episode. Good decision ABC!
Ray DePofi
Posted 10/02/13 at 18:25:34

Nice to see this show get season two. Summer 2014 is setting up nicely.
Posted 10/02/13 at 16:21:50

Good to hear the news that Motive will be back. I really enjoyed the first season, a nice surprise when I found it.
Posted 10/02/13 at 14:40:52

Great show finally the mucky mucks got it right
Brett Heitkam
Posted 10/02/13 at 14:04:40

Great news! I was upset with ABC for canceling Body of Proof, but Motive more than made up for it. Great show, great cast, excellent premise. Thank you, ABC!

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A police procedural where the perpetrator is revealed early but their motive must be discovered.


Kristin Lehman (Det. Flynn)
Louis Ferreira (Det. Vega)
Brendan Penny (Det. Lucas)
Lauren Holly (Dr. Rogers)
Cameron Bright (Manny)
Roger Cross (Sgt. Bloom)