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On Air: Jun 23, 2011 - Aug 13, 2014
Network: FXX

Wilfred Renewed For Season 4

The comedy will move to FXX for one final season.

October 2, 2013

FX renewed Wilfred today for what will be its fourth and final season. Ten episodes have been ordered for the Elijah Wood comedy, which will move to sister network FXX for its last season.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (6)

wilfred lobbyist
Posted 05/17/14 at 08:36:58

everythingiseverything is on point
Posted 01/04/14 at 13:41:07

Season three was by far my favorite season. The end was a total spin and I loved it!
Posted 11/30/13 at 14:57:14

Yay (sarcasm) Now we can have more room for Faux-Reality TV, TOP BREAKING NEWS ABOUT KIM KARDASHIANS BELLY LINT AND THE TYPE OF BEER THAT OBAMA DRINKS, Because God Forbid a show woul make us do that thing, whats it called? oh yeah THINK! This was an intelligent show, not for everyone, ome should watch barney and disney for the amount of IQ they possess due to the ZOMBIETUBE programming. Oblivious people make make me sick. Why not you just go out all day your babysitter (Television and video games) will be available to brainwash and negate the intelligence potential of your child at any time of day. HUMANITY SUCKS BECAUSE THERE ARE NO MORE HUMANS, JUST DUMB CATTLE BEING HEARDED TO THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE. WE ALL DESERVE WHATS COMING TO US! WAKE UP PEOPLE!
Posted 11/13/13 at 16:44:45

You can't pigeon hole Wilfred as being just a comedy. It is whatever it wants to be. Funny, dramatic, touching, suspenseful. It is one of the best shows that have ever been on tv.
Posted 10/14/13 at 17:12:23

I didn't watch season 3 at all. I might catch some episodes on demand or on Netflix. The series has gotten progressively stranger so season 4 might be the weirdest one yet.
Posted 10/03/13 at 06:22:23

Surprising. Season 1 and 2 were funny. Season 3 turned into far more of a half hour drama than anything else. It's no longer funny or even very interesting. I'm surprised this got renewed.

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