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On Air: Oct 2, 2013 - Oct 16, 2013
Network: NBC

Ironside Cancelled After 3 Episodes

The new cop drama gets the early axe.

October 18, 2013

NBC has cancelled freshman series Ironside after just three episodes. The police drama premiered earlier this month but failed to catch on with viewers in its 10:00pm Wednesday time slot.

The show is NBC's first drama of the 2013-2014 season to get the axe.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (56)

Posted 04/24/14 at 10:49:38

Since I know people who are paralyzed I liked the idea of the show but they should have actually used a paralyzed person. I think that alone would have drawn interest in the show.
Posted 01/12/14 at 10:46:45

I watched the show 1 time and decided to go back to CSI, a much better show. It was not a bad show, I just like CSI better. Maybe if they had put it on at a different time or night it would have been better. I didn't think it was bad enough to cancel it!! I am tired of all of these "reality shows" and "talent hunting" shows also. And the comedy shows aren't anywhere close to funny! Television is definitely going downhill!! Good shows get cancelled for garbage!
Posted 01/08/14 at 22:21:44

I wondered what happened to the show Ironsides. I like it a lot and thought it is better than a lot of shows on TV. I am surprised that it was cancelled. If it was not doing well in a specific time slot you guys should have looked into showing it at another time. To be honest this would have been the best time to watch the show (during the winter months) because everyone is at home. I am also a big fan of Blair Underwood. Please rethink this. Thanks.
Susan O'Pry
Posted 12/30/13 at 16:46:46

By taking Ironsides off the air and canceling it, all you have done is cause us to go to other networks for entertainment. Absolutely LOVE Blair Underwood. HUGE mistake taking it/him off your Primetime slot! I am now watching Everybody Loves Raymond & King of Queens (TVLand) and Dateline and ID Discocery, etc on OWN! You guys are pushing us to other networks yourself by taking off the greatest shows you have.
Posted 12/14/13 at 10:22:10

I never saw any of the 3 shows, but I heard that the show was cancelled because the leading black character was exploiting his role to get white women in bed, in the movie.
Rosalind Magee-Baldeo
Posted 12/12/13 at 22:49:27

I can't believe that they canceled this show. I loved this show. I'm tired of all these stupid reality shows, talent shows and not so funny comedies. I was looking for it and wondering why I was missing it. I don't know who decides to cancels shows but he needs to reevaluate his decisions. I want it back on please
Posted 12/09/13 at 15:01:43

I loved this show!!!!! Have been looking for it to come back!!! Can't believe it was canceled!! Instead they keep the stupid shows the younger kids like!!! But it's the older generation that is actually at home watching tv!!
Posted 12/05/13 at 09:28:13

I enjoyed the two shows that I saw and love Blair Underwood. Very disappointed that NBC did not really give this show a chance to connect to the audience.
Posted 12/02/13 at 16:24:37

It amazes me that NBC and other stations will keep a lot of the stupid shows on but cancelled Ironside I saw all three episodes and they were really good. I couldn't figure out what happened as it didn't record on my cable recorder. This was a really great show and shouldn't of been cancelled. Do you people ever think of catering to us older folks with all these series? I guess if it isn't filled with sex or stupid it has to go. VERY DISAPOINTED
Posted 12/02/13 at 11:54:04

Epic Fail !!
What remake will they do next "Banachek"
Every old show they bring back is a Epic Fail !!!! Hawaii Five o is still on but it FAILS compared to the original !!

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