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Homeland Renewed For Season 4

The thriller will continue in 2014.

October 22, 2013

Showtime announced today that Homeland has been renewed for a fourth season. The award-winning thriller continues to draw large audiences on Sunday nights, averaging 6.5 million weekly viewers so far in its third season and ranking as the network's #1 rated series.

Season 4 of Homeland will premiere on Sunday, October 5, 2014 and consist of 12 one-hour episodes.

Comments (13)

Posted 02/22/14 at 20:44:35

I do not think Brodie is really dead they did not show his body,I think that was a plot to get him back to the U.S.A.
Posted 02/05/14 at 14:47:39

Some of you people are out to lunch. Season 3 was excellent. Hopefully the show will keep up it's strong ratings and be around for at least another few seasons.
Posted 01/24/14 at 20:30:45

Brody was bringing this show down. Just watching him on the screen was painful. His acting consisted of little more than heavy breathing
Posted 01/12/14 at 15:46:07

Brody could still be alive. It wasn't a break neck hanging. But killing of major cast members has become a trend.
Posted 01/05/14 at 00:47:08

I won't be watching without Brody .. I can't even imagine
Posted 12/23/13 at 09:55:17

Season 4 -----Brody is not Dead
Posted 12/18/13 at 01:23:21

This show should have concluded with Brody's death. This was by far the slowest and most boring season of Homeland and the only good episodes were the ones with Brody in them, hands down. Safe to say Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin's characters don't have what it takes to float this show on their own. It's been a good ride Homeland but you just sealed your own fate.
Who Cares
Posted 12/16/13 at 21:25:26

The show can go in numerous directions and would benefit from a bigger/better name starring alongside Carrie. I think viewers would have a hard time "trusting" Brody and the writers likely saw an opportunity to write in a patriotic and courageous star that viewers can gather around and root for. It's also got potential to be a multi-headed franchise like CSI or Law and Order.
James Nicoli
Posted 12/15/13 at 19:12:35

I don't know what yall talkin about but I thought every season got progressively better. This season gave us a better look at not only the heavy emotions behind Brody's fall but gave us and action packed, edge-of-the-seat thrill into the corruption and actions of our gov't and CIA. I thought this season was beyond amazing. Yall gotta stop relying on 1 character to make a show look good. Personally my favorite Character is Saul and Carrie portrays a stressful soon-to-be mother with concerns for her country and future life with Brody better than any actress I can think of to play this role. I wish I had 2 more hands to give this show 4 thumbs up!!!
Posted 12/15/13 at 01:53:29

I like Homeland, but after a dissapointing season 2 and a weak season 3 the show must end with this season 4. If season 5 is green lighted, it's over for me. Season 1 forever and unresolved.

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