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Suits Renewed For Season 4

The USA drama will return in 2014.

October 24, 2013

USA Network announced today that Suits has been renewed for a fourth season. 16 additional episodes of the dramedy have been ordered for its new season in mid-2014.

In the meantime, Season 3 will conclude beginning in the first quarter of 2014 following the Olympics, when it will start airing its final six episodes.

Update: Season 4 of Suits premieres on June 11, 2014.

Comments (7)

Posted 08/07/14 at 06:24:24

I'm sorry, but that's very silly Carol. That's how people talk at work. I understand some people believe in god, some don't (and people like me don't think it's a discussion central to our lives), but you've got to stop being overly sentitive and literal with the words people use.
Posted 02/05/14 at 23:26:43

"It is the first show where I heard God's name being uttered as profanity. "
You must be new to watching cable.
Posted 01/15/14 at 00:18:01

Carol, it is not an attempt at anything. Those of us with a brain (probably most of the viewers of the show), never believed in an imaginary man in the sky and therefore cannot be desensitized by the show.
Posted 11/09/13 at 09:17:59

My absolute favorite show of all time! Terrific writing & acting. Love me some Harvey.
Posted 11/07/13 at 00:35:25

This show is a prime example of the media's attempts to desensitize the viewers. It is the first show where I heard God's name being uttered as profanity. Even tho I liked the show, I chose to quit watching it because of the profanity. The show will probably be continued indefinitely. What a shame.
Posted 10/25/13 at 15:18:37

I'm very excited to see that Suits was renewed once again. The writing is terrific, and the characters are excellent.
Posted 10/24/13 at 11:29:54

Hell yes! This is my #1 show right now.

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