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Drop Dead Diva

On Air: Jul 12, 2009 - Jun 22, 2014
Network: Lifetime

Drop Dead Diva Renewed For Season 6

The dramedy will return in 2014.

October 25, 2013

It is being reported that Lifetime has renewed Drop Dead Diva for a sixth season. 13 new episodes have been ordered for a return in 2014.

The show is readying to air its fifth-season finale on November 3.

UPDATE: Season 6 premieres with a 2-hour episode on Sunday, March 23. It has been confirmed that it will be the show's final season.

Comments (19)

Posted 09/07/15 at 17:38:22

It is a Great show - bring it bAck
Posted 08/30/14 at 21:48:01

Meant to add that I'm sorry to see it was cancelled !
Posted 08/30/14 at 21:46:52

Never commented until now on a tv show, but have enjoyed watching the story unfold about Jane - very different - great characters - just get tired of chasing shows around trying to keep up with when season is starting, what channel to catch it on and minimal episodes each season.
Posted 05/12/14 at 11:02:24

I do not have a problem with the owen/stacy story line. It is believable when you consider that jane, grayson, owen and stacy are people who care for each other and want each other to be happy. It shows an enlightened attitude that comes with intelligence. if you truly care for someone but don't want to be with them, what is wrong with them being happy?
markeda hall
Posted 02/21/14 at 13:12:33

i live in southwest Virginia I would love to know when season 6 is schedule to appear
Posted 02/07/14 at 08:45:27

I think the whole Owen/Stacy story line is weird too. Me I am on the Jane/Owen team. Jane has out grown Grayson and is only pulled to him at Deb. I am hoping the writer will write the owen/stacy baby out of the storyline and start over. If Stacy wants a baby Fred would be a great option. Or even a mix-up of sperm at the sperm bank.
Posted 01/05/14 at 10:32:20

It is really cool that they film this in my town. There are two differ sound stages they use. I was blown away to also see a full scale frontal courthouse building on the set.
I always thought they used a local nearby courthouse for the outdoor shots. Great show and more fun for us locals to see nearby streets and buildings when they shoot off set.
Deva Joy
Posted 12/29/13 at 19:12:17

I really want to know when the new season starts! I thoroughly enjoy DDD and look so forward to it being back!
Victoria L
Posted 12/02/13 at 01:43:44

Glad to hear this is still on the air. I totally missed all the shows after the spring episodes. Had no clue that it was back on Sunday nights. Hope Lifetime or Entertainment Weekly will alert when the new season starts.
Posted 12/01/13 at 08:44:17

Omg i absolutely love drop dead diva and have been a massive fan since season 1.... I can't wait for season 6 in 2014 x

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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A dramedy following an up-and-coming young model who passes away and reincarnates as a plus-sized lawyer.


Brooke Elliott (Jane)
Margaret Cho (Teri)
April Bowlby (Stacy)
Kate Levering (Kim)
Jackson Hurst (Grayson)
Josh Stamberg (J. Parker)
Ben Feldman (Fred)