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Back in the Game

On Air: Sep 25, 2013 - Jan 8, 2014
Network: ABC

ABC Cancels Back In The Game

The new comedy will not get a full season.

November 1, 2013

Word is out that ABC will not be moving ahead with more episodes new comedy Back in the Game, effectively canceling the series. The Wednesday night sitcom, which premiered in September, is expected to air the remaining episodes in its initial order.

(Source: Twitter)

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Comments (31)

Posted 12/14/13 at 23:23:44

I enjoyed the show, but not surprised it is getting the axe. There's nothing really memorable about it. Sweet isn't enough, and it never was. Every successful TV show has something to set it apart from the crowd and this one just didn't.
Posted 12/06/13 at 18:54:32

Meh - needed better and more consistent writing. Maggie Lawson is adorable and I'm sorry it wasn't a good vehicle for her to shine, but the casting of the kids was just awful. James Caan was stereotypical and unimaginative. One shining start though was Ben Koldyke as Dick. He was perfect and a bit of casting brilliance.
Posted 11/28/13 at 09:21:53

Tried to watch it once. Got bored and never laughed nor did I ever watch it again. Very unfunny.
Posted 11/19/13 at 07:52:59

Yay! Juvenile and misogynistic jokes aside, the writing was terrible. Brin on more Psych!
Posted 11/18/13 at 19:12:11

WHAT?????? Our family looked forward to this show! It was a modern day Brady Bunch, Happy Days.. meaning wholesome.. something sorely missing in today's repertoire of non family shows! Even the teenage shows are disgusting! James Caan was great! Hopefully USA or another station will pick it up!! VERY UPSET WITH TV EXECS!
Posted 11/17/13 at 12:11:43

I have Stoppard watching several networks because it seems as if they no longer care what there viewers like. They cancel good wholesome shows without giving them a fair chance & keep a lot of garbage.
Posted 11/17/13 at 00:01:32

Again, CBS gets it wrong. The show was entertaining and to some degree did some teaching about something that can be close to real life parents, kids and situations with a funny spin. We needed this kind of stuff.
Posted 11/14/13 at 20:38:41

Maybe if the sport intertwined with the show wasnt the most boring, uncared about sport in the history of sports (baseball)the show would have had a better chance.
Posted 11/13/13 at 18:04:55

I really enjoy watching, like The New Normal last season, good shows not getting enough viewers, especially in the "right" demographic.
Posted 11/08/13 at 16:56:39

My family likes this show, sad to see it go!

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A comedy following a single mom who coaches her son's baseball team.


Maggie Lawson (Terry Jr.)
James Caan (Terry Sr.)
Ben Koldyke (Dick)
Lenora Crichlow (Lulu)
Griffin Gluck (Danny)