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The Tomorrow People

On Air: Oct 9, 2013 - May 5, 2014
Network: CW

The Tomorrow People Gets A Full Season

The new drama receives a back nine order.

November 11, 2013

The CW has picked up a full season of The Tomorrow People. The network has ordered nine additional episodes of the freshman sci-fi series, which has seen decent ratings over its first five episodes.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (13)

Posted 05/07/14 at 04:32:41

This TV has had me hooked for a while now, but then again this is classic CW for casting :), but the show has had a great 1st season story Arc, i am worried this wont get confirm for 2nd season because the US are all ready in EP22 and we havnt had any new yet :(
Posted 03/26/14 at 19:25:28

Please don't cancelled the series because I love it.
Posted 03/25/14 at 12:28:14

Great show, but they can still improve greatly. For one, since they can teleport, why stay only in New York when they can have a secret lair anywhere in the world; somewhere where no one hunts them.
Posted 02/15/14 at 02:11:59

Love the show .just leave the it
Posted 12/07/13 at 17:27:04

I've been a devoted fan. But, honestly I'm getting bored. It's the same thing every episode. It's a good idea, but need some new writers with new fresh ideas.
David Wood
Posted 12/04/13 at 23:39:10

The problem with the show is our young hero, who unfortunately doesn't have a brain to go with his superpowers. And our main villain has an annoying smirky demeanor. And how about that Asian guy? Every word that comes out of his mouth is a wisecrack. And the two leaders of the resistance: so wise and beautiful and so full of suppressed anguish, it wears me down.
Posted 11/25/13 at 16:03:18

Great remake of a poor UK show but over here we make nothing but rubbish so no surprise its better
sally landers
Posted 11/22/13 at 10:25:07

I have not even heard of this show. I enjoy this type of sci fi. They need to do better advertisements of new shows so people will know when to tune in.
Posted 11/20/13 at 23:22:21

I've been watching and enjoy the show; however, I'm not sure it's going to make it past this season.
Posted 11/19/13 at 15:14:34

The first episode seemed okay but the second one just couldn't hold my interest. Not sure why.

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Robbie Amell (Stephen)
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Madeleine Mantock (Astrid)