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Witches of East End

On Air: Oct 6, 2013 - Oct 5, 2014
Network: Lifetime

Season 2 Ordered For Witches Of East End

Lifetime has renewed the freshman drama.

November 22, 2013

Lifetime announced today that Witches of East End has been renewed for a second season. The freshman drama, which is based on the best-selling novel of the same name, will return with 13 new episodes in 2014.

The show's first season wraps up next month on Sunday, December 15 at 10:00pm ET/PT.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (15)

Posted 12/01/14 at 23:41:17

Was an enjoyable show. There are so many directions to go with this show. It is really too bad.
Posted 07/12/14 at 19:34:08

Oh my god best show ever!!! Hashtag team killean
Posted 04/29/14 at 09:43:37

Witched of East End recently uploaded their Season 2 promo. It will start on Summer.
Heather Bristol
Posted 04/19/14 at 21:57:58

When does it start????
Posted 04/05/14 at 15:01:12

So glad that it got a second season. It's refreshing to see the focus on witches instead of vampire shows that have every other creature in it.
Posted 03/31/14 at 10:03:00

I cant imagine for the second season, Love the whole Idea and the love story .... the whole of it!
Posted 03/28/14 at 13:49:50

Love this show ! Can't wait for it to start but can't find it when does the 2nd season start?
Posted 01/28/14 at 15:57:15

Finally this station got one right. You drop shows like they were nothing. Glad this one go a chance.
Joshua Cooke
Posted 12/17/13 at 17:58:06

Yes this is definitely a tribute to charmed and I agree with all of your comments. What are we going to do when the charmed REMAKE comes out against this show. To early for a redo if you ask me. Continuation of charmed sounds more sensible or at least a spinoff involving the sons
mike dobey
Posted 12/11/13 at 20:59:14

it's a great show similar to charmed and it's a chick horror show that is not aimed at teens. so even guys can like it. it reminds me of why I liked charmed, and buffy the vampire slayer, good characters with solid acting too.

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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A drama following a family of witches.


Julia Ormond (Joanna)
Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Freya)
Rachel Boston (Ingrid)
Eric Winter (Dash)
Daniel Di Tomasso (Killian)
Mädchen Amick (Wendy)
Virginia Madsen (Penelope)
Freddie Prinze (Jr.,Leo)