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The Assets

On Air: Jan 2, 2014 - Aug 3, 2014
Network: ABC

The Assets Cancelled After Two Episodes

The miniseries gets the quick axe.

January 13, 2014

ABC has removed new miniseries The Assets from its lineup after just two episodes. The show was originally scheduled to run for eight weeks, but a record-low debut for its premiere episode triggered an early cancellation.

In its place, Shark Tank reruns will air on Thursday nights in the 10:00pm time slot for the next three weeks.

(Source: Variety)

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Comments (36)

Denis Morin
Posted 07/02/14 at 15:41:20

Na Na, only ├ępisodes 3 & 4...
ABC decided to cancel again and again after episode 4...
Posted 06/16/14 at 00:52:36

ABC is gonna air the rest of the episodes starting Saturday.
Carole Franklin
Posted 04/02/14 at 14:53:10

P.S. We agree with all the other comments.
Carole Franklin
Posted 04/02/14 at 14:49:42

My husband and I were so looking forward to the continuation of the program. Why was only a younger age grouped polled (25-49)? Plenty of us are interested in that case and that time period. Maybe you should have advertised it better and to a different age group. We are 75 and willing to stay up until 10 p.m. for quality history programming. The acting was spot on.
Posted 03/08/14 at 23:46:08

This is why I don't watch shows on ABC anymore. One after another after another-- they get you hooked, then they cancel. What I do is wait for the entire season to air-- then I see if it's canceled (and was left in "cliff hanger" status)-- and if it will see another season or the season finale had some closure with no "cliff hanger", *then* I will watch the entire season. The only exception is Castle, which seems to be so popular that the idiots at ABC don't dare cancel it. ABC, I know your game now, and I refuse to play. Oh-- and why don't you hire someone that can commit to a decision? I think that would do wonders to bolster your network's ratings!
Posted 01/31/14 at 09:04:17

Really enjoyed the start of series, and then ABC just pulled the rug out from under me. I hope you at least make the episodes available on line.
Posted 01/28/14 at 17:31:49

I want to see the rest of The Assets. I can't believe ABC canceled it.
Posted 01/27/14 at 22:48:52

The is to John -- Mistresses is not canceled. It will be back this Summer.
Posted 01/27/14 at 22:45:32

What a waste of money for ABC. I bet they filmed all 8 episodes. Do the actors get paid even if the episodes don't air? ABC please at least put the remaining episodes on line.
Posted 01/27/14 at 22:42:16

Canceling an 8 episode only series is silly. I bet the ratting for the 2 episodes were higher than show on the CW. Is The Bachelor really getting higher ratting than this show did? I dout it. Cancel The Bachelor. The never fing love anyway.

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