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Killer Women


Killer Women To End After Six Episodes

ABC has cancelled the drama with an early end to its run.

January 22, 2014

ABC has cancelled Killer Women, announcing that the freshman drama will be pulled after its sixth episode. The show's first season was originally planned for eight episodes, but after two unimpressive airings the network has opted to replace it with Mind Games, another new midseason series.

Killer Women will air its series finale on February 18.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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Comments (243)

Posted 04/15/14 at 23:36:27

All you have left for me is Castle and Dancing with the stars. Killer Women was a promising show. Stupid comedy with laugh tracks are no substitute for a good crime or mystery show. it's no wonder shows can't succeed if you don't let them get some traction.
Posted 04/15/14 at 15:48:58

Really enjoyed watching this show, sad to see that it was cancelled, best show that I have watched in a while.
Posted 04/14/14 at 07:43:07

Bring this show back and bring back King and Maxwell. Why do you cancel all the good shows?
terri moore
Posted 04/11/14 at 17:59:47

This sucks.... I really liked this show :(
Posted 04/11/14 at 04:45:33

I loved this show and I'm very upset to see that you have cancelled it.
Posted 04/09/14 at 20:52:14

they cancel a very good show and replace it with mind games which stinks soooo bad that they cancel it in less than 2 months. stick with what the people want and bring back killer women.
Posted 04/08/14 at 07:08:30

BRING IT BACK!!!!! Who do we need to contact???? Best series on tv in a LONNNGGGGGG time - love all the characters!!!
Posted 04/07/14 at 20:24:19

I really enjoyed this show. I have very few tv shows I card to watch anymore but this
Was one I did enjoy! Figures it was cancelled the shows I always like
Are pulled before they even really start! Really wish tv shows were given a chance
Instead of being pulled after one or two shows! So frustrating!!
Posted 04/07/14 at 19:32:52

I wondered what had happened to the show. I noticed it just quit coming on. I loved Killer Women. It was a clean show along the lines of Walker Texas Ranger. Bring it back please!!!
Posted 04/07/14 at 07:39:33

Great show, great cast, great stories that showed family values, social issues that need to be seen, and good entertainment. Guess I'll go back to watching ABC just for local news.
How will viewers know if some smart network picks this show up - how can we get another network to know that it's worth them picking up?
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