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The CW Renews The Originals

The Vampire Diaries spin-off will return next season.

February 13, 2014

The CW announced today that The Originals has been renewed for a second season. The freshman drama, which was spun off of The Vampire Diaries, is off to a strong start in its premiere season. Paired with Supernatural on Tuesday nights, it has helped the network produce its best ratings in years for that night of the week.

Along with The Originals, The CW also announced early pickups for Arrow, Reign, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural.

UPDATE: Season 2 of The Originals will premiere on Monday, October 6, 2014 at 8:00pm.

Comments (8)

Posted 04/20/14 at 18:57:47

Love Originals and Reign!!!!
Posted 04/20/14 at 18:56:49

I am so glad that my two favorite shows are coming back for a second season. Finally some unique intelligent shows that I can get excited about every week!!!
Posted 04/05/14 at 18:51:36

I love the vampire diaries as well and glass the originals are doing so well love the and yes Elijah is my favorite character as well liked him in the diaries and the originals
Posted 03/01/14 at 22:58:44

I adore this show!!! I have never watched Vampire Diaries, but this show is awesome. I hate Hallie though she can go!!!
Posted 02/17/14 at 09:15:05

Love this show!
Posted 02/15/14 at 11:55:36

I haven't had time to get into this show yet. But I love Vampire Diaries so I'll have to give it a try! I'll have to catch up on this over the summer since its now officially renewed.
Posted 02/14/14 at 13:51:33

Awesome! Love this show!
Posted 02/14/14 at 13:30:59

I want this to be good, but I just couldn't get into it. I ended up watching only for Elijah, but had to quit a few episodes ago because all the other characters are just so annoying!

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Joseph Morgan (Klaus)
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