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Single Ladies

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On Air: May 30, 2011 - Present
Network: Centric

VH1 Cancels Single Ladies

The dramedy will not get a fourth season.

March 1, 2014

It is being reported that VH1 has cancelled Single Ladies after three seasons. The dramedy, which is produced by Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit Entertainment, will air its series finale on March 24, 2014.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (31)

Posted 10/01/14 at 18:16:19

I think you should not cancel Single Ladies, it is good
I look toward watching it. Please keep the show on.
Posted 08/02/14 at 11:50:40

Centric picked it up. season 4 will air on that channel dont know the date
Donald Sawyer
Posted 07/03/14 at 11:12:38

Single Ladies is an excellent show. This gets the ax, and VH1 adds more and more no talent garbage to the lineup.
Posted 05/22/14 at 19:26:50

It is truly ashame wwhen telvesion get a really good black drama there is always a problem. Single ladies gave class and style to African Americans women in the business industry. It also, had excellent storylines. VH-1 I will not watch anything else that is aired.
Posted 05/19/14 at 08:18:56

Are you serious? That show had class great storylines and not so fake!! BRING IT BACK!!! GREAT ENDING THOUGH!!! MAKE SOMETHING NEW HAPPEN!!!!
Barbara McCormick
Posted 04/22/14 at 12:51:40

Please put Single Ladies back on the air and you can not leave the show hanging like that. Thank you and God bless and peace be with you.
Lady Neal
Posted 04/09/14 at 17:29:01

Boo to VH1!!!!
Posted 04/01/14 at 20:04:07

I am truly disappointed, single ladies is the best show VH1 has to offer. This show brings class, style and maturity to the network. I am a dedicated watcher and am really sadden with the decision to chance sho.
Posted 03/31/14 at 09:32:56

Please do not cancel this show. I love the characteres and the romance as well as the fashion the show brings. Please please someone stop the madness and pick this show back up. Malcom and Keisha belong together. I am a devoted fan and after working at my 8 to 5 job five days a week helping others in a DSS agency I need some love, dram and excitement in my life. I LOVE THIS SHOW. It's the best VH1 has to offer. Those other shows are for the birds. Everyone needs a little romance and drama.
Posted 03/26/14 at 18:40:58

please do not cancel single ladies. it is so good

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