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Raising Hope


Fox Cancels Raising Hope

The comedy will end after four seasons.

March 10, 2014

Fox announced today that it is cancelling Raising Hope, ending the show's run after four seasons. The sitcom has five episodes remaining, with its series finale set to air on Friday, April 4 in a 1-hour block between 9:00 and 10:00pm.

(Source: Fox)

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Comments (52)

Jodie Vickers
Posted 04/03/14 at 14:34:46

Love this show. Never miss an episode. I wish you would reconsider
Posted 04/01/14 at 18:58:40

Loved, loved raising hope, please reconsider your decision for a couple more seasons
Posted 03/30/14 at 12:14:05

I really think it is so sad the good shows get cancelled. Do the guys who put these shows on ever watch them??
Posted 03/29/14 at 21:25:11

all the clever shows get cancelled. to bad cause that was truly one of the funniest cleverest shows in a long time. hopefully another channel or even netflix will pick it up.
Posted 03/28/14 at 17:09:53

BEST COMEDY SHOW EVER!!! i always get a good laugh when i watch raising hope and it is BS that it is cancelled!
Posted 03/28/14 at 14:19:07

I am so mad that this show has been cancelled! One of the best shows on TV.
Posted 03/24/14 at 13:53:23

One of, if not the funniest show on TV today. Naturally, it must be cancelled. Thankfully, we still have sped dancing, goober racing and nitwits competing to be the village idiot all over the dial. Yay for the dumbing down of 'Murica!
Posted 03/23/14 at 22:59:22

Completely Fox's fault for moving it to Friday. This show was great and I loved watching it on Tuesdays. Once it got moved to Friday I knew it was a goner. Such a shame :(
Posted 03/23/14 at 15:03:54

This is the BEST comedy on TV!!!! Why cancel something that works and then keep trying these really lame shows? RAISING Hope is the most creative, best script writing on the tube!!
Posted 03/22/14 at 08:04:03

Fox are FOOLS! Remember these are the same idiots who cancelled Americas Most Wanted because production costs where too much. Nevermind the fact that pedephiles and murderers are being apprehended because of the show. Also we don't need the 354th season of American Idol. That show should of ended when Simon Cowell left.
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On Air: 09/21/10 - 04/04/14

Network: FOX

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A sitcom following a single man raising his infant daughter.


Lucas Neff (Jimmy)
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