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On Air: Jan 10, 2014 - Jun 22, 2014
Network: Fox

Enlisted Pulled Early From Fox Schedule

The comedy's run has been cut short.

March 26, 2014

With Fox's announcement of its spring & summer premiere dates, Enlisted's run will be ending earlier than expected, effectively cancelling the struggling comedy. The schedule, announced today, includes the season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares on Friday, April 11 at 9:00pm - the time slot where Enlisted currently resides.

As it stands, Enlisted is still scheduled to air new episodes for the next two Fridays in the 9:00pm time slot. That leaves three of the show's 13 ordered episodes left unaired. Fox has made no mention of if or when these episode will be shown.

(Source: Fox)

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Comments (35)

Posted 08/23/14 at 19:09:30

Why would u end that show it was so good
Posted 05/14/14 at 14:36:57

OH NO!!!! What the heck!!!???%%$$$$ This show was really fun. and love Geoff S. Loved him in the Finder. Bring both shows back....they were really good. PLEASE.....
Hey fred
Posted 05/06/14 at 04:41:04

The Finder was canceled in May of 2012 and Michael Clark Duncan died in September 2012. The two have nothing to do with each other.
Posted 05/04/14 at 10:58:40

im so angry that ths show got cancelled i love this show
Gigi Willshaw
Posted 05/02/14 at 19:00:20

My husband and I loved Enlisted. It was funny and well written . Please consider renewing. Consider canceling Glee. Leave the decent shows on.
Dann Miller
Posted 05/01/14 at 20:39:11

Reconsider and bring it back. Much better than a lot for shows still on.
Tom Sullivan
Posted 04/30/14 at 08:22:57

This was a very good show, my wife and I are both veterans and thought it was well written. The fact that even our daughter and her friends started watching this show should tell you something. Geoff Stults was great in The Finder, and I was happy to see him back in another well written comedy that DOESN'T revolve around the usual trash that is TV today. Cancel this show? Then the exec;s sit and wonder why traditional TV is almost dead.
Posted 04/27/14 at 06:08:46

this was a fun funny show! it was meant to be a comedy- not a drama. i am very disappointed it's going to be cancelled! this was my favorite new comedy; a very enjoyable way to relax in the evening. guess i'll watch a different network instead...
Posted 04/21/14 at 14:33:07

This was one of the worst comedies I've ever seen. Everyone on this show had the mentality of a 8 year old except for a few people. It was Like dumb and dumber mixed with Tommy Boy. If they would of just deployed the rear d into overseas combat it might of been a hit. Poop patrol and helping with house chores doesn't cut it.
Posted 04/21/14 at 10:41:03

"This makes the second Geoff Stults series to be cancelled after one season"
JD, I think Michael Clark Duncan DYING had something to do with it.

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Genre: Comedy

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A comedy following three brothers in the Army who end up stationed at the same military base.


Geoff Stults (Pete)
Chris Lowell (Derrick)
Parker Young (Randy)
Keith David (Donald)
Angelique Cabral (Jill)