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Mind Games

On Air: Feb 25, 2014 - Mar 25, 2014
Network: ABC

ABC Cancels Mind Games

The new drama is pulled after five episodes.

March 27, 2014

ABC has cancelled its new mid-season drama Mind Games after five episodes. The Tuesday night show has struggled since its February premiere, failing to draw significant viewership in the 10:00pm time slot.

Replacing it starting next week will be reruns of Resurrection until April 15, at which point Celebrity Wife Swap will take its place when it premieres its third season.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (36)

Posted 04/29/14 at 23:33:38

Liked the show and i can see how some people didn't like it, because if you think about had overacting in episode 1 which is a huge "NO NO" to first time viewers. also the development of the story for each episode should have had more details, if that makes sense. and sure, because the majority of united state americans prefer "lame term" understanding, no one would comprehend the dialogue. side note: I'm not a doctor but i liked House and he used "big" words. HOWEVER readers, and like many said, GIVE A SHOW A CHANCE because I Like this show. Boy, if i wasn't so ignorant, i would say that MONEY is the reason why the show was canceled...not viewers, MONEY!!
Posted 04/21/14 at 19:49:54

I was looking forward to this show. BUT was so disappointed when in aired. Christian Slater finally dropped his sing song style of speaking and seemed to have attained a grown up approach to acting and selecting his roles. OMGoodness how disappointing it was what with the over acting of his co-star Zahn. Screaming and breaking things. I should say trashing the office. Not realistic, just too too sophomoric. This could not rival Listener, Mentalist or other shows of that ilk. Too bad, I thought the concept had potential.
Posted 04/10/14 at 05:51:49

I think Elser slept through all of school...
Posted 04/09/14 at 09:37:31

Uh, Elser...did you sleep through English class in school?
Posted 04/08/14 at 17:58:26

This show was wonderful! Of course, we only got to see five episodes, but I was eagerly looking forward to Tuesday nights to see what new problem the team was undertaking. It was interesting, intelligent, and quirky without being slasher/basher junk. The stuff you guys are keeping is beyond comprehension STUPID, yet you cancel something this good. Obviously it takes no brains to be in charge, rather just a low IQ and good at "other" talents.....
Posted 04/07/14 at 07:32:53

I see the Esler household is very intelligent.
Michael Elser
Posted 04/06/14 at 14:18:10

Are famely is borred of cristan slater and his marbals in the mouth way of talking and this show was above the intelligence of most familis..Better that it was canceled..HA HA..
Posted 04/05/14 at 20:03:26

Another show that premiered mid season being cancelled. What were the odds? I wish actors would stop agreeing to mid-season premieres!
Posted 04/04/14 at 01:45:45

Wow to the person who named themselves " **** idiots at ABC". You need to chill out. Also learn the difference between your and you're. Oh and just FYI Big Bang Theory is on CBS. So I don't think ABC has any say in cancelling's also the highest rated comedy on TV too. Lastly, spell check please. The red high light under a word means it is spelled wrong moron!
P.S. Mind Games Sucked. Glad this horrible poor excuse for a show was cancelled.
Posted 04/03/14 at 09:04:23

Mind games one of the best most fantastic show on tv in years. To see a show that can actually happen. We all certain mind tricks to a job buying a car everything in life can be changed by the way we represent oursellf. I have done it myself. Steve Zahra character is fantastic. A very bright mind that goes manic when they are excited (a bipolar person). ABC you need to pay attention. If you don't give a show enough time of course it won't do well. Specially if you put it up to strong shows that have been around a while. Why not do what other channels do move it to a different day or time and give it a fighting chance. Instead you renew shows that are stupid no good acting and the scripts are so bad they insult the watcher. Buck up bc and try another tactic to give a great show a fighting chance.

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A drama following an agency that caters to clients' problems by using psychological manipulation.


Christian Slater (Ross)
Steve Zahn (Clark)
Jaime Ray Newman (Sam)
Gregory Marcel (Miles)
Cedric Sanders (Latrell)
Megalyn Echikunwoke (Megan)