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Mind Games

On Air: Feb 25, 2014 - Mar 25, 2014
Network: ABC

ABC Cancels Mind Games

The new drama is pulled after five episodes.

March 27, 2014

ABC has cancelled its new mid-season drama Mind Games after five episodes. The Tuesday night show has struggled since its February premiere, failing to draw significant viewership in the 10:00pm time slot.

Replacing it starting next week will be reruns of Resurrection until April 15, at which point Celebrity Wife Swap will take its place when it premieres its third season.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (36)

Ray gun
Posted 04/03/14 at 07:37:55

Wow. Someone threw a temper tantrum
Posted 04/02/14 at 13:19:21

This show should have been given a chance. I think the writing was good and Steve Zahn has a great character. Poor choice ABC
****ing idiots at abc
Posted 04/01/14 at 22:14:27

abc, you disgust me.
abc:what did you say?
you heard me, your a pathetic excuse for tv, a brand new show with great actors is on for five episodes and you
cancel it.
your disgusting, I don't have time for this.
****ing idiots at abc
Posted 04/01/14 at 22:13:14

American broadcasting company.
pftt, assholes basterds cunts is more like it.
****ing idiots at abc
Posted 04/01/14 at 22:10:06

are you ****ing kidding me abc, just five episodes and you axe it?
are you that ****ing stupid!
jesus, give a show a full season before being whiny babies and killing it!
**** you abc, lot's of garbage they could of pulled instead:
the middle.
csi las vegas.
big stupid bang theory.
goddamn it I'm so ****ing pissed, been waiting all day to watch it but no, it's ****ing cancelled!
and **** the whiney ****s on this site who didn't like it, you losers don't know good tv.
maybe if they didn't have it on so goddamn late it wouldn't get cancelled.
god, how could lie to me get three seasons but this cant?
think I'll get Christian Slater's mobster character from Mobsters to pay them a visit!
David Wood
Posted 03/31/14 at 18:50:23

More blah blah homework lecture than entertainment.
Posted 03/30/14 at 06:00:26

Nothing with Christian ever works on tv. I'd tather see him on the big screen
Posted 03/29/14 at 15:10:54

Wow, Christian Slater can't seem to catch a break on network TV.
Posted 03/29/14 at 09:49:52

I genuinely liked this show. The dynamic between the brothers reminded me of Rain Man. I thought it was interesting, and a lot better than a lot of the rubbish that's on. I don't know why they didn't just try a different time slot. I agree with anther commenter: you don't really even want to start watching anything until it's been on for more than a season. Also, ABC might want to consider waiving their affiliate online content requirements for new shows.
Posted 03/29/14 at 09:28:12

This wasn't Christian Slater's best show, but if you go back to My Own Worst that was a great show. He is a good actor and even if the show is bad, Christian still has fans that want to see him!

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Genre: Drama

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A drama following an agency that caters to clients' problems by using psychological manipulation.


Christian Slater (Ross)
Steve Zahn (Clark)
Jaime Ray Newman (Sam)
Gregory Marcel (Miles)
Cedric Sanders (Latrell)
Megalyn Echikunwoke (Megan)