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Oct 18, 1988 - Present






Roseanne - Roseanne BarrDan - John GoodmanDarlene - Sara GilbertJackie - Laurie MetcalfD.J. - Michael FishmanBecky - Lecy Goranson

A comedy following the life of a middle-class American family.

The Conners are a working-class family living in the town of Lanford, Illinois. Roseanne and Dan have raised their two daughters and two sons using unconventional parenting methods while navigating the ups and downs of blue-collar life.

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05/16/18 at 07:55pm

I hate this liberal garbage. Truth is right. Only the left can support this crazy show. We conservatives need something for us.
05/08/18 at 12:54pm

It’s amazing how they were able to come back after so much time and still retain all the magic that made this show a family favorite. I grew up watching it and I couldn’t be more happy that it is back.
05/06/18 at 11:38am

I can't watch a show by a person who disrespected the National Anthem at a sporting event. If I watched this than I could not call myself a conservative.
04/24/18 at 04:55pm

Liked it when i was younger, not going to watch it now. things change, people grow up, and no longer see things the same way. Id rather remember roseanne as a great show and not a show about white trash.
Pat Armstrong
04/24/18 at 12:34pm

When will Roseanne be added to the Ratings Chart comparison pull-down.
Penny For Your Thoughts
03/30/18 at 10:53am

I'm also done with politics being a part of everything....but I'm a little baffled as to why the extreme right are praising the show and claiming it as theirs. I didn't see the premiere as a staunchly conservative show at all. What I saw was a family that had different views that came together regardless of their differences and did what they could to make it work. I really didn't see it favor one or the other. I do have a few conservative family members who are no longer going to watch because of the acceptance of a gender fluid character, so there's that. I don't know. Maybe it's because I really don't fully align with either side that I saw it differently. I wasn't looking for validation for my beliefs. I was just watching a sitcom. I'm interested to see where it goes from here and also hope that the politics doesn't become the heart of the show.
03/30/18 at 00:33am

Conservatives are happy.
But I thought Hollywood should stay out of politics. Hypocrites.
03/29/18 at 06:32pm

The show was crap back in the day and now it’s just crap that’s ripened. Of course Roseanne supports Trump....idiots deserve each other.
03/29/18 at 07:24am

It was ok. I'm really over politics infiltrating every single aspect of our lives so I hope it won't keep carrying on into future episodes. The only good thing about the political parts was it at least showed both sides and how ridiculous they both look and sound. Other than that, it was a decent premiere and I admit I mostly watched out of curiosity. If the politics continues though, I probably won't tune in anymore. I get enough of that in real life....
03/28/18 at 01:32pm

The only reason I can figure out why Roseanne voted for Trump was because as a multi-millionaire, she realized that he would tilt the playing field further in her favor. Anyone who voted for him but makes less than $2 million a year was hoodwinked.

So many examples, but the "tax plan" is probably the best. They made sure there were tiny benefits for the middle class for a few years, but look at the things that get phased in over time. In less than 7 years, the poor and middle class will be paying more in taxes, fees and lost services. All those services are pushed to the state and local governments. And guess what? You won't even be able to deduct that extra cost from your federal taxes (if they still exist by then at all).

Over 90% of the benefits from the tax plan are going to less than 5% of the people. And they're the ones who need it the least.

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