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Sep 21, 1998 - Present






Will - Eric McCormackGrace - Debra MessingKaren - Megan MullallyJack - Sean Hayes

A comedy following the friendship between a gay lawyer and a straight interior designer.

Will Truman, a gay lawyer, and Grace Adler, a straight interior designer, are two neurotic and sharp-tongued best friends sharing an apartment in New York City.

Together, they delight in their volatile, but enduring, friendship as they navigate the ups and downs of their lives along with Will's flamboyant friend Jack and Grace's eccentric assistant Karen.

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01/10/18 at 10:49am

I agree. Show is still great but Debra is trying too hard and it doesn't work. Still love the rest of them though!
11/26/17 at 11:12am

Is this show on a break or did my DVR decide to cancel it? Just realized it hasn't recorded a new episode in weeks.
On a side note: I agree with the Debra Messing comments. She doesn't fit anymore. Still love the show though. That is if it still records.....
11/10/17 at 10:01am

Oh thank god someone said it. I have been tuning in watching every episode and although I still love the show, Grace.....oh Grace. What happened? She really is the 4th wheel. I'm totally heartbroken. She was my favorite character. Her scenes are cringe worthy now. I just don't get it. Debra Messing is a great actress but it's like she's trying too hard or something. That magic, the quirkiness and zaniness of her character is just gone. I know they are all older now but the others seem to have transitioned just fine. I miss my Grace. I want her back. :(
Atomic Ant
11/08/17 at 10:47am

I love reading comments on here but rarely ever post but I have to say that I agree with those that have said Debra Messing just isn't connecting this time around. I thought it was just me who saw her character as awkward and ill-fitting with the rest but obviously others have noticed it too. The show is still great imo and I have every intention of tuning in every week, but the chemistry just isn't there like it used to be. Will, Jack and Karen still have that oomph, but it seems Debra has lost it. Her crazy redheadness isn't entertaining anymore. It's just kind of sad.
11/07/17 at 10:59am

Love, love, love this show! Only thing holding it back is Debra Messing. Sorry Lisa, but the people who mentioned her being the odd man out are onto something. She just doesn't fit anymore. The show could go on without her and you wouldn't even really notice. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the Grace character before. The zany, dingbat best friend seemed to work for her before....but this time around it's just falling flat. Maybe it's because she IS older that it isn't working. Not sure though because Jack hasn't changed and is still hysterical. Same with Will and Karen. Older yes, but still funny. Grace just isn't.
11/03/17 at 09:25pm

I am sad to see so much against "Grace"/Debra Messing. I still love Grace. Grace was always a dingy, slow to the party kind of gal, that is what made her funny, that red-headed ditzy, embarrassed when she finally got the joke, naive girl. The "odd" in all the characters can simply be that the characters themselves have been apart and moved on in their lives without each other for 10+ years. The changes in the people playing the characters are normal changes we all have gone thru since their last finale'. The actors (and their characters) aren't picking up the show from where it left off, they ARE 10+ years more matured and older. None of the actors are in their 30's any longer, so they are showing their age and have baggage from their marriages/divorces/kids and grandkids. I am enjoying that aspect. "Jack" is the ONLY one who has not changed other than the grey hair. The way Sean Hayes can still spew out those extremely long, quick, hysterical lines still amazes me. There will never be another "Jack". If we embrace the characters maturity and all they've been thru, I think all would look much different. Heck Grace owns her own company and is successful now. Who saw that coming?
10/27/17 at 02:57pm

I thought it was just me but I see others have also mentioned the character Grace not fitting in anymore, which makes me sad because I really like Debra Messing. Unfortunately her scenes this time around are just so awkward and forced. It's comes off as totally unnatural. Everyone else is on point though and I really look forward to its continued success, but I'm thinking they might be better off without her.
10/27/17 at 00:11am

I enjoyed the original show but the re do seemes off. I do not want to offend anyone but Grace just does not make it work anymore she is a fourth weel in the machine and does not seem to fit. They are careful in the angles that she is in because she has put on so much weight it seems to effect how the shots are filmed giving it a chopped look. This takes away the smooth look of the original series. Sorry do not mean to offend anyone but the magic is not there anymore. MKL&ML
Soda Pop
10/16/17 at 10:06am

Although I am so glad this show came back, I do have to agree with a few other posters here and admit something I never thought could happen. Grace just isn't doing it for me anymore. Her character isn't blending well with the others like she used to. I love everything about the rest of the show and look forward to it every week but she just isn't working for some reason.
10/04/17 at 09:14am

I wasn't a huge fan of the show when it first came out, but came to appreciate it more when watching reruns of it. The revival was ok. Not as funny but it's only the first episode so I'll keep watching. I do agree with Jenny when it comes to the character Grace. She was off somehow. The flow between Will and Grace before was smooth. This time around it was bumpy. Grace and Karen's relationship was always fun and entertaining. Now it was stale and overdone. I kept watching thinking that maybe it was just the fact that it takes time to get back into sync after all this time, but the rest of the characters fit together just fine. It was just Grace. Her character is like a third wheel....or in this case, a fourth one.

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