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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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Network: CBS

A procedural crime drama set in Las Vegas featuring a team of Crime Scene Investigators working to solve various murders and other crime.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation follows the forensic scientists as they investigate and uncover the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual crimes.

The show is known for its gruesome depictions of crimes and its focus on the hi-tech methods the team uses to solve them. The success of the program has spawned two additional shows under the CSI moniker, but set in different cities.

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Posted 06/01/17 at 06:46:14

I thought this was a great show with interesting ways of solving the crime. Thought Ted Danson did a fine job. My only objection was the insertion of the cougar which was a big turn off. Aside from that, miss the show and am catching the reruns.
Posted 08/03/16 at 08:27:56

Watched it from the beginning and enjoy watching evidence tell the story.
Posted 12/03/15 at 14:49:09

The two hour introduction to Cyber CSI was a waste of time, but Cyber CSI is as bad as NCIS LA and that is not good. I know this show has struggled since William Petersen left, but Ted Dansen was okay. To cancel a good show with good characters for a bad substitute seems really dumb!
Posted 10/21/15 at 04:25:54

This was a great show and I've watched it from the very first episode to the very last. Sorry to see it go but please, if you're going to cancel anything, make it CSI Cyber. It's one of the worst shows on tv. Patricia Arquette Is a good actress but she is horrible for this show. I've tried to watch it several times but literally can not sit through an entire hour of it. CSI Cyber is a disgrace to the CSI franchise. Cancel that!!
Posted 10/11/15 at 07:50:01

Have to agree with eliza. Ted Danson killed the show and he will do the same to CSI: Cyber if they are not careful.
Posted 10/05/15 at 05:41:44

Biggest travesty yet! There was nothing wrong with this show no matter who starred in it. The stupid time slot killed it ! Will really miss it!
Posted 10/04/15 at 20:50:03

With Ted D in the show it was bound to be cancelled. CSI Cyber is a joke. Arquette has no reflection in her voice when speaking. The original CSI, CSI Miami and New York Not having the original characters in the final show was not good Where was George Eads?
michael calvert
Posted 09/26/15 at 17:48:37

would like to see 2 hour show not sure if it has already aired but can I get the show dvd
Marilyn T
Posted 09/22/15 at 08:53:56

Why do you have to cancel CSI (Vegas)? It's always been great! If it's about money (?), cancel Cyber CSI. I turned it on once, and after about 10 min. I turned it off, and never turned it on again. It seems so fake, especially with Arquette. Nothing against her, and I am sure you're probably paying her way more than she's worth, for this series. Use the money and put it towards the original CSI (Vegas). Please don't cancel a really good program. You should take it off of Sunday; and put it back on during the week.
Thank you, Marilyn T.
Posted 09/11/15 at 15:29:42

I am so sad to see this show end. I didn't think they would ever be able to replace Gil, but DB has really given the show a new life. I am disappointed in the powers that be when they can't see a really good show and a mediocre one like Cyber CSI:(

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Laurence Fishburne (Ray)
Marg Helgenberger (Catherine)
George Eads (Nick)
Jorja Fox (Sara)
Eric Szmanda (Greg)
Robert David Hall (Al)
David Berman (Dave)
Paul Guilfoyle (Jim)
Liz Vassey (Wendy)
William Petersen (Gil)