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CSI: Miami

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Network: CBS

This procedural crime drama set in Miami is a spin-off of the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Set in Miami, this series follows the same blueprint as its parent show. The crime scene investigation team works to solve murders and various other crimes in the Miami-Dade area. The use of hi-tech crime solving techniques is often in the spotlight.

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Posted 02/01/16 at 07:58:51

Are you crazy?!?!! Clearly the best of the CSI spin-off. Please bring back. Your loyal fans await
gage hollis
Posted 04/10/15 at 17:12:58

i curse u mother ****ers who took this tv show off the air how dare u do such a thing we want more csi shows with harioto caine and eric delko and the rest of the crew the csi cyber is stupid i want something just as good as csi Miami with the same cast and crew ****ers we hate u people that take the good shows off u asss
Posted 07/22/14 at 22:51:52

Why CBS did you cancel CSI: Miami? We LOVED Horatio, Calleigh and Eric. REALLY was hoping to see them (Calleigh and Eric) get married. Bummer!
Posted 01/28/14 at 00:50:03

WHY take off a GREAT SHOW. like CSI MIAMI, and leave stupid garbage like Big Bang Theory, and other such ridiculous shows. Please bring it back and take out the other trash.....
Posted 06/13/13 at 23:12:17

David Caruso's tilted head and , best part !!!!
Posted 06/13/13 at 23:09:43

im still mad about you taking this away
Posted 05/31/13 at 19:21:10

See taking good shows off and leaving what you call comedy which are just so stupid that they are not funny at all. Red and Green, Big Bang Thery. Stupid,Stupid shows.
Look at 24 great how and you had to take it off also.
Posted 04/22/13 at 12:45:27

I am so angry at all of the BIG WIGS, who seem to have the power of canceling all of the good shows, and leaving us with trash to watch! It seems that everything now is becoming reality shows, which is over doing it... Some of the so called comedy shows, are not funny and make no sense at all, yet they keep them on. When are you people going to wake up and smell the coffee, and leave the good shows on? At least they make sense! Years ago, good shows lasted for up to 20 yrs. because they were good, even the comedy shows were funny! Pretty soon viewers are going to stop watching TV, for lack of good shows!! I have lost so many shows that were canceled through out the yrs. and too numerous to list! Open your eyes up there!!!
The Great and Powerful Oz
Posted 03/15/13 at 15:15:24

It is a good thing I like docudramas and true crime shows. Most of them seem to have staying power. Most of the other so called reality stuff I can do without.
Monica Quesada
Posted 03/09/13 at 21:38:42

I cannot believe that they decided to cancel the best CSI show... I would love to see Eric and Calley get married and Horacio retire due to his son... Bad bad bad, very stupid decision...

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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David Caruso (Horatio)
Emily Procter (Calleigh)
Jonathan Togo (Ryan)
Rex Linn (Frank)
Eva LaRue (Natalia)
Omar Benson Miller (Walter)
Adam Rodriguez (Eric)
Eddie Cibrian (Jesse)
Khandi Alexander (Alexx)