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A drama set in fictional Everwood, Colorado.

Dr. Andrew Brown is a widower who left his job in New York to move to Everwood, Colorado because of his late wife's emotional attachment to it. With him are his daughter Delia and his son Ephram.

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Posted 05/23/13 at 06:12:40

Was sorry to see this one go. Seems year after year so many good shows are cancelled and not given a chance.
Mrs. Nidya Hernandez
Posted 08/22/12 at 09:22:28

Everwood should never have been canceled. It was a wonderful family drama that you could get into. Better than than the trashy reality and survival shows and other junk on TV now. As for CSI: Miami and Without a Trace and the soap opera As The World Turns, they should not have been canceled. Why not ask the public what they want instead of relying on the Nielson Ratings. It is always about competition. Thanks for the chance to tell my side of it. A lot of people feel the way I do.
Posted 07/25/12 at 19:26:36

this was a good show... if it would have came out when 7th heaven did, it would have lasted

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Genre: Drama

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Treat Williams (Andrew)
Gregory Smith (Ephram)
Emily VanCamp (Amy)
Debra Mooney (Edna)
John Beasley (Irv)
Vivien Cardone (Delia)
Chris Pratt (Bright)
Stephanie Niznik (Nina)
Merrilyn Gann (Rose)
Tom Amandes (Hal)