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Arrested Development

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Network: Netflix

A mockumentary-style comedy following a formerly wealthy dysfunctional family.

At the center of the Bluth family is Michael, a hardworking father who was primed to take over his father's corporation until he was passed over for his mother. To make things worse, his dad is arrested for suspect accounting practices, which puts a freeze on the family's assets.

Now with a lack of funds, the Bluth family must band together out of necessity to make things work.

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Posted 05/17/17 at 19:48:39

@Bill -
Anything that streams is available own. Your own copy of the streaming file (usually MP4 or FLV) If you must have a DVD copy both of those common formats burn to DVD rather nicely.
Posted 01/13/14 at 10:04:10

Are they making another season?
Posted 05/09/13 at 23:04:48

The show comes back May 256, 2013 to Neflix. It is a streaming only show. No DVD or Blu-ray. This means it will not be available to own.
Posted 02/11/13 at 15:04:12

It is coming back for a fourth season. The rights to it were bought by Netflix. They will be releasing it some time in mid 2013 with at least 10 episodes.
Posted 11/15/12 at 17:05:17

Posted 10/24/12 at 16:19:46

Heard this show was coming back? Is there any news to confirmed or deny these rumors??
Posted 05/13/12 at 20:21:46

i keep hearing rumors this could really get brought back. i don't trust anyone who doesn't love this show. it's like hating puppies.
Posted 04/10/12 at 18:46:17

I really did love this was funny as hell!
Posted 03/07/12 at 08:39:14

Super funny show,netflix has picked up to wrap up the show! SWEET!
Posted 03/05/12 at 00:34:39

I liked this show and enjoyed watching it, but it seems way over rated. The score it recieved on IMDB compared to other shows is ridiculous. This show was enjoyable, but it should not have been ranked with the best shows made on TV.

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Genre: Comedy

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Jason Bateman (Michael)
Portia de Rossi (Lindsay)
Will Arnett (Gob)
Michael Cera (George Michael)
Jeffrey Tambor (George Sr.)