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A documentary series that uses science to test the validity of rumors and myths.

Special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman put various rumors, myths and more to the test against elements of the scientific method.

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Posted 01/01/15 at 11:10:08

MythBusters is as great as it gets. Where else can you get science and fun? To address them testing movie effects, I cant believe anyone wouldn't enjoy exploring what is really possible, and if it isn't, find out how it was done. They have special effects experience under their belt, so why would they not venture in to it? It wasn't done because they ran out of ideas. The show shouldn't be cancelled, and you guys don't have to watch.
P.S. I'm watching their holiday marathon right now, after having watched loyally for years.
Posted 12/04/13 at 18:24:47

I'm with Jason, time to put this beast down. Last few seasons have been mostly just explosions and rather uninteresting. They earlier seasons were much better.
Posted 09/19/13 at 09:25:16

Has Mythbusters been renewed for an 11th season? If so, will we see new episodes this year or will we have to wait until 2014?
Posted 05/14/13 at 12:07:16

I love this show. But there's too much time between seasons.
Posted 03/30/13 at 07:41:50

It's time to cancel this show. Now they try to recreate and prove/disprove things in movies that were just special effects in the first place. Stupid. The show used to be great but they have just ran out of ideas which was bound to happen.
Posted 02/15/13 at 21:00:36

Absolute favorite show of all times - love the marriage of science and humor

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