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What Not To Wear

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Network: TLC

A reality series that converts participants from dowdy to dashing.

In What Not To Wear, fashion experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly help makeover selected participants by using style advice and makeup modifications.

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Posted 01/23/15 at 17:11:25

I'm saddened because I love the show, I also wanted to be nominated I lost a lot of weight and need to learn how to dress myself better. So sad!!!!!!!!
Sheryl Ann Jackson
Posted 10/06/13 at 11:06:46

This is the best show TLC has. I am so sorry it is being canceled. I speak for many women when I say that I have learned so much from this show and I will miss the enjoyment of seeing everyday women being transformed into their best. More than anything this show was an excellent way to keep up with the changing styles of clothing, hair and makeup for women of all ages. I wish I could have bee on the show! I will miss my friends.....PLEASE RE-CONSIDER TEACHING LEARNING CHANEL!
Posted 05/31/13 at 12:15:23

WHY has TLC cancelled their BEST SHOW?????
I can't stand to watch those women screaming over child-birth! YUK! The rest of their stuff is just junk!
Posted 05/18/13 at 02:12:30

Good riddance! While they had a few cases of women who truly did not know how to dress, most of the episodes consisted of telling beautiful women that no man would ever date them unless they wear EXPENSIVE clothes. Not to mention their stylist who seems to think every woman should have a haircut that makes her look like a man.
Dale from Farmingdale
Posted 04/26/13 at 08:50:11

This site says it's Cancelled on one line...but in another it says: On Air: Jan 18, 2003 - Oct 18, 2013. Is that a typo? Did they mean 10/18/12? Can't be in the future if it's already gone...
Posted 04/15/12 at 14:16:59

i want to know like many others if what not to
wear has been canceled?
Jean Norton
Posted 02/10/12 at 13:55:00

When is What Not To Wear going to have new episodes? Great Show!
Alice Elliot
Posted 01/17/12 at 18:57:34

Still waiting! They did Beryl with pink hair last week and the week before, no explanation as to why it was repeated and not on tonight, Tuesday Jan 17. What is going on and I WANT WHAT NOT TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan Oehlwein
Posted 11/01/11 at 18:15:04

I too have been wondering about WNTW and what happened to it. I am a long time watcher and really enjoy the show. Please, where has it gone and are there any plans to bring it back?
Susan rappaport
Posted 10/12/11 at 07:45:12

Where is this show? Four episodes and it's gone, replaced with 2 bad shows, I'm very dissapointed

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Stacy London (Host)
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