Criminal Minds

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Sep 22, 2005 - Present




Drama / Crime


Aaron - Thomas GibsonDavid - Joe MantegnaDerek - Shemar MooreSpencer - Matthew Gray GublerEmily - Paget BrewsterPenelope - Kirsten VangsnessJennifer - AJ Cook

A police procedural drama following a team of profilers from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Criminal Minds separates itself from other procedural dramas by focusing on the criminal rather than the crime itself.

Comments (46)

Rosemary Parisi
05/28/19 at 05:21pm

This is the BEST show ever! I've watched every episode from day 1 as well as the syndicated showings. Why would you cancel this?! Everyone I know (and I know a lot of people), all say the same thing. People want this show to go on! The writers have never failed us & the actors are "prime". Seems you are questioning the stability of the show after losing Aaron & Derek. Yes, they're actors were awesome but the show didn't lose it's affect. Bring it back full! **this page says that it is now showing yet I cannot find it on CBS. What is the day & timeslot for CM in EST?
Bob Marley
11/22/18 at 04:22am

Prentiss is ruining this show. She is such a hypocrite! Bust Luke for what he did which was nothing compared to the crap she pulled.
Randy Miller
11/22/18 at 04:15am

This is the last season unless they get rid of Prentiss! Unsub with a gun on a kid and mother and they talk him down? They use a tv? What is this junk. They had a dozen chances to end it clean by killing the creep. No life in prison at my expense, no chance for him to do it again. The contents of this show is what we are seeing in real life and its what is wrong with this country! The only place this is believable is California and look whats happening there.
05/06/18 at 09:01am

Please keep the show going. especially with that cliffhanger in the finale of season 13 just one more season please it has to come to a good end
04/27/18 at 01:49pm

Love CM and it's characters have great chemistry! Come on and renew it!
03/16/18 at 09:29am

Love the show, keep it on air.
11/26/17 at 03:10am

GET OVER IT! This is still a great show and hope it goes on for a long time. Plenty of shows lose regulars that move on, for instance Law & Order and that lasted for 20 years so stop your whining and enjoy the show. The stories are still great! Like Rodriquez and Henley anyway and glad Prentiss is back. Love the show!
09/30/17 at 11:01am

So excited that CM returned! But they killed off Steve?? I liked him--and the rest of the crew. Wow. Didn't see that coming. I guess fans didn't like him either; seems like if fans don't like someone the show either kills them or has them move to another department. lol Hey, everyone shoul d be happy because Prentis is back. My hubby told me last year, the guy who played Hotch was fired for fighting on set which is why the character left so suddenly; so don't look for him to be back. But I still love CM--great actor/actresses, great storylines--and I hope it keep getting renewed for a good long time! :)
06/13/17 at 10:19am

Show has lost its appeal. I didn't mind when Morgan left, but Hotch was a blow. I tried watching it anyway. It's just not the same anymore. I took it off my DVR.
04/14/17 at 04:02pm

This show has lost it's bearings. Losing Morgan and Hotch this year should have been the death knell for the series. It's time for even the great ones to give way.

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