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A reality competition where celebrities pair with professional dancers to compete for judge and audience votes.

In Dancing with the Stars, various celebrities of all kinds - ranging from actors to astronauts - are paired with a professional dancer in hopes of becoming the last pair standing.

Each week, the pairs perform a predetermined routine in front of the judges, where they are given a score from 1 to 10. At the end of each show, the TV audience at home are invited to vote for their favorite couple of the night.

The result show takes place the following night, where the couple with the lowest combined score is sent home.

Comments (16)

09/16/19 at 06:09am

I stopped watching this years ago when they had people on their that were relevant.
09/08/18 at 05:31pm


Entertainment? Maybe when it first started, but you gotta admit after so many years of watching, the show is boring, its just dancing with stars that no one knows, plus the voters are only voting for who they like, they are not voting for the best dance performance of the week, they are like "oh I love Derek Hough, so I'm voted for him and his partner, I don't care he fell flat on his face" or "Oh I love Nick Lachey, he's a great singer, so I'm voting for him", has nothing to do with the dances anymore, its a popularity contest not a dancing competition.
10/22/17 at 05:03pm

Stars? Who are these people? The show is really getting boring. Erin Andrews is so annoying; and her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
05/01/17 at 07:08pm

Come on people. It's entertainment. I like the show and most people I know do too. Fun to talk about the next day. It's not 60 Minutes and it's not suppose to be. Relax.
03/21/17 at 03:46pm

Its fake, viewers don't choose the winner, producers do. They draw names from a hat, and whoevers name is chosen goes home. Derek quit, because he had a hissy fit because he doesn't win all the time, maybe finally realized the show isn't based on him. How long before they cast Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman on the show?
Teresa Reinitz
05/22/16 at 07:00pm

I love Tom most of all and it would not hurt to get The Hough back.
03/09/16 at 06:56pm

Oh my word! Really? 23 seasons of this crap!! It stars d-listers. Come on people!! Get it together. Instead of watching d-listers dance, go to a dancing class- you will have a blast and it's more important that a stupid tv show.
09/14/15 at 03:10pm

Total crap. If you want a dancing show, watch So You Think You Can Dance! Now THAT is a show worth watching.
03/22/15 at 09:40am

What? No Cheryl? It's not about talent but a popularity contest. A chance for some washed-up stars to get a jump start on their career. And some of the professionals are questionable in my book. I think it's had a good run but time to end. I will no longer watch.
09/13/14 at 09:04am

I watched maybe 2or3 seasons and quickly lost interest for the following reasons. It became obvious that this show had nothing to do with talent and was a popularity contest, after watching stars without talent going forward while ones who had talent were voted off. example Cloris Leachman (while she is a great actress) kept going further when stars that were better dancers got knocked off, and her dancing was horrible. 2nd I felt it was unfair to put those with dancing experience against those who had none. there should had been star placement in shows according to qualifications. It would be like having a show called singing with the stars and putting Micheal Douglas against Axel Rose. Then the year jewel was supposed to be on but didn't (she got pregnant) stopped me all together as i would occasionally watch an episode here and there. They have stupid rules also, like that no doing lifts rule.

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