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Dirty Jobs

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Network: Discovery

A reality series that takes a look at some of the strangest and most disgusting jobs.

In Dirty Jobs, host Mike Rowe takes assistant roles doing a typical days work in jobs where danger, fear, and stench is often par for the course.

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Posted 09/06/13 at 04:12:54

Really! So entertaining! Unbelievable! Mike Rowe did a great job!
Posted 05/14/13 at 17:39:16

I loved this show. I have watched it from the first episode. I am really going to miss Mike and his Crew. They were great. Good and reasonably "clean" fun.
Posted 04/14/13 at 11:59:06

I will sure miss this show. It was one of my favorite shows on tv. Hopefully Mike will find another show to host.
A very sad person
Posted 04/13/13 at 00:14:50

My eyes teared up when I saw this. I used to watch this so much with my parent ALL of the time!
Rocky V
Posted 02/08/13 at 01:31:25

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe was a great show...a real American man with a great sense of humor lookin out for the hard wormers out there. I will miss his show greatly.
Posted 01/16/13 at 22:18:26

No! Loved this show! Sad to see it go
Posted 01/10/13 at 22:21:36

This is personally depressing. I loved this show.
Posted 01/06/13 at 12:00:13

I don't understand how some shows r still on the air and some that were cancelled. Shows that a have a good. Fan based and dencent ratings r getting cancelled. Shows that doesn't have that good of a fan based or is copycat from others . Seriously how many shows about repo,storage and singing do we need.
Posted 01/02/13 at 18:50:16

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is one of my favorite shows!!
Posted 12/23/12 at 07:34:09

I am shocked to see this in the cancelled group! I love Mike, will miss this show immensely....

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Genre: Reality

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