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TV Tidbit: Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy premieres on Thursday, Sept 28 at 8:00pm.

Grey's Anatomy

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Network: ABC

A medical drama following the personal and professional lives of doctors at a Seattle hospital.

The show focuses on Dr. Meredith Grey, of whom the show is named, and her coworkers at Seattle Grace Hospital. As the series progresses, they make their way through their internship and onto their residency.

Along the way they learn and grow from the patients they treat and the relationships they form with each other.

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Posted 03/10/17 at 19:40:33

This season is really sucking lately. I am so sick of the constant bickering. I hate how they made April's character a total B**** and I'm sorry...but I still don't feel sorry for Jo and if that makes me "Heartless" (as it was tweeted to me by a cast member of Grey's) then so be it. I may just DVR this show and move on to the CBS lineup.
Rodger Shimp
Posted 02/12/17 at 14:07:07

Yay! This is still one of the best shows on TV! I am very pleased!!
Posted 09/22/16 at 07:37:13

They need to remove half the cast names.Chyler Leigh,Eric Dane,T.R. Knight,Katherine Heigl,Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey no longer need to be up there.This show has Cobwebs all over it!!
Posted 02/21/16 at 10:28:00

i hate they took dr dreamy out but this one of the best shows out there
Posted 12/05/15 at 03:09:45

Season 12 Episode 08 November 19, 2015 Season 12 Episode 09 February 11, 2016... THREE MONTHS - REALLY? This show needs help. ABC ought to just move it to a Friday night time slot, and announce it's cancellation. Unless they begin recycling them, they've run out of tragedies (except killing off Meredith's kids) to drag out slowly in episode after tissue soaking episode. ABC & Shonda - get it back to the roots or get it gone.
Paul Carter
Posted 08/29/15 at 17:07:58

I have watched the show from the first episode, and it has been one of my favorites. Nearly all of the original characters are gone, and quite frankly I can't see where the storyline is going. The writers had better do a lot better this season than they have the past three, or this will be the last season. Come on strong or I'll be watching something else after a few episodes.
Ceric Dislikes-Shonda
Posted 04/30/15 at 22:29:44

After this season, and how they killed off Derek Sheppard. This show has literally full throttle rammed the proverbial wall.
Shonda is a talentless dipsh_t, every time a character is written off the show. She kills them. Georgie, Sloan, Lexi, Sheppard. They are written off in the most dramatic way possible. All because she is to lazy to write the characters off like she did with Christina. These poor characters deserve better than a poorly written, overly drawn out plot line of sucking dirt and wiggling toes to jesus.
Nah.. Even if they renewed it. The way the two hour season finale ended this season. I can say that the story line has ended for me. I wont be watching it anymore. It lost it's magic. It's interest. All the wonderful characters that made the show so loveable are now gone.
Sorry but I can't stand watching a hack butcher and self destruct because she lacks imagination.
Posted 10/22/14 at 03:11:18

Used to love it, now I hate it. Not worth watching. NEXT
Posted 10/22/14 at 03:09:57

This WAS my favorite show for such a long time but the last 2-3 seasons have been total and complete garbage. So disappointed with the way it is being made now. Just garbage.
Posted 10/12/14 at 02:32:37

I been a huge fan of the show for a quiet a while everything seems like the Show is change a lot of people of there field I love the show keep it on the air please I beg of abc company pay the
A lot of money !!!

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Genre: Drama / Medical

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Patrick Dempsey (Dr. Shepherd)
Ellen Pompeo (Dr. Grey)
Sandra Oh (Dr. Yang)
Katherine Heigl (Dr. Stevens)
Justin Chambers (Dr. Karev)
T.R. Knight (Dr. O'Malley)
Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey)
James Pickens Jr. (Chief Webber)
Sara Ramírez (Dr. Torres)
Eric Dane (Dr. Sloan)
Chyler Leigh (Lexie)
Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Robbins)