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How I Met Your Mother

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Network: CBS

A sitcom where the main character tells his children the story how he came to meet their mother.

The story of How I Met Your Mother is told through flashbacks in the year 2030 by Ted to his son and daughter.

His story begins back when his best friend announced that he was engaged to get married. It was then that Ted realized that he is running out of time to find true love.

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Posted 10/19/14 at 20:14:14

TERRIBLE TERRIBLE ENDING!!! it gave us NOTHING. turns out it wasn't even about the mother? it was about Robin??? I thought the last season would be about their love affair, but no. then, the casually mention in passing that....SHE DIED??? the mother DIED?? are you KIDDING me? not only don't we get a great love story, but we are denied any explaination! it could have been a sad, touching ending where ted loses his wife and robin picks up the pieces, but it could not have been LESS heartfelt. I think they just slapped together the last episode and said.. "meh...whatever."
Posted 03/31/14 at 19:58:02

Worst show ending ever. Way to just throw it all away. If they go ahead with the How I met your Dad, we will not be watching that.
Posted 11/18/13 at 20:30:01

Is anyone else hating this last season? I've liked this show but this year sucks. Get to the wedding already and to the mother!
Right for now
Posted 09/30/13 at 11:40:23

I have been loyal through the operatic highs and lows of this show-I will be there for the wonderful end. I miss the show already and it has just started for the last season.
Posted 06/11/13 at 16:22:03

they finally showed the mother
Posted 01/31/13 at 09:34:21

I have loved this show since the beginning and I stuck with it all the way through even when it got boring at times. I think it is time to just give it up already. Don't get me wrong I like the show but I am sick of Ted constantly being in pointless relationships and then coming out in the end all positive that love will find him. Enough already! Show us the damn mother! LOL
Posted 01/02/13 at 15:17:14

This show is legen...wait for it... Dary and rumor is in season 9 the mother will be revealed

Posted 08/12/12 at 14:43:32

I've tried a couple of times to watch this show but I just don't find it the least bit funny or interesting.
Posted 05/21/12 at 14:12:22

I LOOOOOVE THIS SHOW!!. i find it very funny, and awesome. and i like the long wait to see when we will find out who teds wife is.. it makes the show even more awesome and suspenseful XD
carbon based
Posted 05/19/12 at 10:49:05

END THIS SHOW SOON. It's old, silly and ....wait for it...done!
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Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby)
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Cobie Smulders (Robin Scherbatsky)
Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson)
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