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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

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Network: Bravo

A reality series following the struggles of self-proclaimed D-List celebrity Kathy Griffin.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List follows the comedian, giving viewers an inside look into her career and the personal life.

Known as a comedian who speaks her mind, Kathy must navigate her way through the often-ruthless world of Hollywood. Joining her on the show are her husband Matt, her parents, her loyal assistant, and two "Main Gays".

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Comments (9)

Posted 08/12/12 at 13:55:41

Wasn't sorry to see this show go; can't stand Kathy Griffin and I don't find her the least bit amusing.
Posted 05/06/12 at 08:49:15

And, by the way, Kathy decided to end the show, not the network. The ratings were still there; she didn't want to be defined as merely a 'reality' star.
Posted 05/06/12 at 08:46:30

To Schoendog, Becky & Catherine - you idiots have no idea what good reality TV is. Kathy is hilarious and sweet. If this show was so terrible, why did it win 2 Emmys ?? She's open, honest and upfront about a lot of topics you obviously have no clue about. Go back to your 'fatty housewives of the Jersey shore' crap. And sheddup, stupid.
Posted 03/21/12 at 01:46:34

Intelligent humor isn't appreciated by many folks. (just take a look at the spelling of some of the haters here!) Kathy is witty, smart, quick and not afraid to touch areas that many others are intimidated to. Thankfully Kathy has her own new talk show. Just goes to show that you can't keep the good ones down. Sorry all you haters, but us intelligent ones will go on enjoying Kathy Griffin.
Posted 02/15/12 at 17:26:19

GOOD! Don't bring her back anytime in this century...TERRIBLE!!!
Posted 12/03/11 at 09:48:22

Thank you! I agree with Schoendog!
Posted 11/11/11 at 09:25:55

jimmys a turd
Posted 10/08/11 at 20:26:26

Glad the stupid bitch is off the air!
Posted 09/18/11 at 14:40:41

Good riddins'!!!

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