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TV Tidbit: Season 13 of Supernatural premieres on Thursday, Oct 12 at 8:00pm.


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Network: CW

A drama about brothers who hunt demons and other paranormal figures.

Sam and Dean Winchester are two brothers who, as children, lost their mother in a fire that had supernatural elements involved. The boys' father, now devoted to finding out the truth about what killed his wife, takes his sons on the road with him and teaches them to fight evil.

While Sam eventually left his life as a hunter to attend college, Dean remained with their father to help fight demons. When their father suddenly disappears, Dean seeks Sam's assistance to find him, and the brothers journey out together to investigate paranormal events and other unexplained phenomenon.

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Liza Robertson
Posted 06/28/17 at 04:16:47

Supernatural will end with Season 14 with only 14 episodes. They want to have it end with 300 episodes. I will miss this show, but I hope for a great ending of either riding off into the sunset together or them finally settling down with a family of their own. Hopefully the spinoff of Wayward Sisters will mention them or maybe show them a few times.
michael dobey
Posted 01/09/17 at 06:18:18

What a great show And it's coming back for season 13. This must be the record for ANY horror based show.
Posted 01/08/17 at 11:37:11

Danielle Panabaker from The Flash just posted a link on Facebook saying that Supernatural amongst others has been renewed early! So we're getting a Season 13 woohoo!!!!!
Posted 11/20/16 at 23:44:51

i never want this show to end
Posted 10/26/16 at 07:10:32

Carry on our wayward son ...
Dave James
Posted 10/03/16 at 13:11:08

The theme music from the movie Halloween is more exciting than what this show has become.
Posted 09/09/16 at 13:32:54

I've been binge watching this show on Netflix for weeks now. I haven't seen, or heard from my family or friends since I don't know when. I crave sun light, and the cool breeze on my face. I'm getting near the end now, as I'm starting season 10. I think I know how Mark Whatney must have felt for that year and a half he was trapped on Mars. If you see my family, tell them that I love them...
ken craig
Posted 05/28/16 at 21:21:36

A little mystery, religion and action seems doomed for failure but has continued year after year with some of the best character developement on TV. Love this show. Probably the only prime time show on TV where Biblical knowledge is required to understand the depth of the plot.
Posted 05/01/16 at 17:19:31

Even after all the years it has been on, I still look forward to the next season. It never gets stale... they always have a new twist and I hope it stays on for many more years.
J Cooigan
Posted 03/01/16 at 08:15:28

One of THE best TV shows ever! Aside from the millions of fans who have been watching this show weekly from day 1, there are millions more new fans getting hooked on it via Netflix. A season 12 and beyond is necessary!

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Jared Padalecki (Sam)
Jensen Ackles (Dean)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John)
Samantha Smith (Mary)
Fredric Lehne (Azazel)
Jim Beaver (Bobby)
Samantha Ferris (Ellen)
Alona Tal (Jo)