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30 Rock

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Network: NBC

A sitcom set in the behind-the-scenes world of a fictional live sketch comedy series similar to NBC's Saturday Night Live.

30 Rock was created by former Saturday Night Live alum Tina Fey - who also stars in the show - and is loosely based on her experience as head writer for SNL. 30 Rock's title comes from the actual address of '30 Rockefeller Plaza', which is the well-known location of the GE Building where NBC Studios is located.

Although the series has had its struggles in the ratings, it has managed to air over 100 episodes while also garnering critical acclaim, winning several major awards. With over 100 episodes aired, 30 Rock has amassed a loyal fanbase over the years.

Comments (13)

Posted 11/16/14 at 20:15:18

I loved 30 rock but it is an acquired taste. the show went to crap as soon as liz got married, though. some excellent characters and some AWFUL, almost UN WATCHABLE characters (tracy and jenna... almost turned me off on the entire show)
Posted 03/10/14 at 09:54:05

I can honest say, I never watched even thirty seconds of this flea bitten POS, filled with sick, perverted, libturd scum....Good riddance.
Posted 06/26/13 at 15:49:46

oh thank god its over what a shit show its not funny at all
Posted 05/16/13 at 00:28:54

All you 30 Rock-haters, quiet down, we are mourning the end of a fabulous era here. There is no reason to be so negative, you would be upset if one of your favourite shows has ended, so please show some respect for the show that was
Posted 02/01/13 at 22:53:56

You folks are right, 30 Rock is awful but somehow amazingly dumb shows like Whitney or worse yet, 2 Broke Girls. 30 Rock is intelligent humor and if you helpless fools had any of the sort you might actually get the references. WHY DO YOU THINK IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED COMEDIES OF ALL TIME? The only thing that would have made this show better was a laugh track....(Just kidding but if there was a laugh track you guess would have known when to laugh and probably loved it.)
Posted 10/02/12 at 20:28:29

If you like intelligent humor with an edge, then 30 Rock is for you. Those reviewers who dislike it are probably avid watchers of tripe like: The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men.

Personally, I love this show. Tina Fey is the funniest woman alive.
Posted 08/12/12 at 14:11:48

I couldn't get through 10 minutes of this show; it's absolutely awful. How on earth has it stayed on for six years? Can't stand Tina Fey; don't find her the least bit funny. I used to think Alec Baldwin was a good actor; I think I was wrong...
Posted 05/29/12 at 20:17:21

This is the dumbest show that i have ever seen! i can't even make it through five seconds of this show before i shut off the tv. this show should never have even aired. it gives the perception that all of us Americans are complete idiots! this show NEEDS TO BE CANCELLED!!!!!!
Posted 05/16/12 at 21:21:58

This show should be cancelled instead of Harry's Law, it stupid, just another horrible sitcom. Yuck.
Posted 04/12/12 at 17:54:56

I CAN NOT BELIEVE this show is still on the air! How in the hell did this garbage manage to stay on for 6 years? Are you fu**ing kidding me? This has got to be the absolute worst show ever on TV. Arrested Development was cancelled, but this crap they keep on. Ewwwwwwwww!!!

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Genre: Comedy

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Tina Fey (Liz)
Alec Baldwin (Jack)
Tracy Morgan (Tracy)
Jane Krakowski (Jenna)
Jack McBrayer (Kenneth)
Scott Adsit (Pete)
Judah Friedlander (Frank)
Katrina Bowden (Cerie)
Keith Powell (Toofer)
Lonny Ross (Josh)
Kevin Brown (Dot Com)
Grizz Chapman (Grizz)
Maulik Pancholy (Jonathan)