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Jul 18, 2006 - Jul 16, 2012




Drama / Sci-fi


Jack - Colin FergusonAllison - Salli Richardson-WhitfieldHenry - Joe MortonZoe - Jordan HinsonNathan - Ed QuinnJo - Erica CerraDouglas - Neil GraystonZane - Niall MatterTrevor - James Callis

Small Town. Big Secret. Eureka is a science fiction drama set in Eureka, Oregon.

A car accident leads U.S. Marshal Jack Carter into the top-secret Pacific Northwest town of Eureka, OR. For decades, the US government has relocated the world's smartest geniuses here - a town where innovation and chaos have lived hand in hand.

Nearly everyone in Eureka works for Global Dynamics, a huge advanced research facility responsible for the development of all major technological breakthroughs in the last 50 years.

Comments (65)

02/24/17 at 02:37am

Just started watching this series again for the umpthtime and would still like it to come back. Great series for the whole family, hard to beat. MKL&ML
03/02/14 at 02:01pm

PLEASE bring this series back PLEASE~~!
01/08/14 at 10:25pm

I don't know where you people get your information. But this show was not canceled. The last episode they did was concluded a SERIES finale, not a SEASON finale.
10/23/13 at 01:13pm

And here I'm thinking the show ended normally. I loved this program and canceling it made no sense at all. Crap …
10/02/13 at 06:40am

Seriously don't get why SyFy cancels every Syfi show. The only thing left is wrestling, reality shows, and old reruns. I really don't get it.
Lisa Prall
05/18/13 at 09:31pm

Loved the show! Loved the people! Loved the town! So many stories still to be told!!! Why do they cancel the good clean shows!!
04/26/13 at 05:57pm

No way! This is a great show. I mean really...some of the shows on SyFy suck, especially the reality ones. Eureka did not.Period.
03/20/13 at 11:43am

this was a great show. started watch from the begining to the end. will miss it.
03/16/13 at 09:41pm

God I miss this show! Was the best part of my day was getting to watch it...please bring it back...this is a show I want to buy on dvd so I can show it to my future kids!
02/19/13 at 11:14am

Please bring Eureka back. It was one of my favorite series on SyFy. The quality of the programming has gone way downhill. Better quality shows attract a more loyal audience.

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