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The Unit

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Loosely based upon Eric L. Haney's novel "Inside Delta Force", the series is based on the exploits of the US Army's Delta Force, otherwise known as The Unit.

The Unit is a covert team of U.S. Special Forces operatives who undertake various missions around the world, conducting secret operations for the US Government.

Operating under the cover of the 303rd Logistical Studies Group, the operators know that while they are out in the field their wives are back home helping maintain their lives, protecting their identities to ensure their secrets are kept safe from those who would use this knowledge against them.

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Comments (7)

Posted 02/24/14 at 09:21:23

If there was ever a show deserving of a come back this is it. It shows the people a bit of what we all go thue in the military. to many people in the us enjoyng the freedom that we military personel provide and they dont care about us inpart because they are no americans they come from different parts of this world. This show was a pice of what we do everyday and puting it on a tv show shows the dedication of every one in the military. please bring back, at least to finish the story of the unit been persecuted. but keep in mind for it to work you have to bring back the same caracters.
Posted 02/13/14 at 09:08:52

First seasons? great, best ever!
When original format was changed, to incorporate the wives, the writters killed the show.
"If it works, don't fix it"!!!!!
Bring it back the way it was at the beginning!!!!
Posted 03/16/13 at 19:20:19

I may miss this show more than any other I've ever watched. The next episode could never come on soon enough. PLEASE bring it back!
Posted 11/17/12 at 22:37:33

loved this show. It ended too early.
Posted 09/02/12 at 20:03:24

I found this show after it was cancelled ... This show was awesome .. The only problem I had was the girl On the team.. I thought it was poor casting/ character.. Whatever .. I would loved to seen a bad&@ character like ziva ... "redcap" was to homely or boring looking.. Character was just boring.. Actress was boring...
Posted 05/06/12 at 19:36:09

It was an inspiring drama that I feel was needed and will be missed. This show helped America to understand the decisions that military people dealt with evern after their return home frome overseas. We have alot of returning vets who need to have their storyies told from their viewpoint and what it cost them as humans who served their country and have to also be able to be family men who have skeletons and ghost that we have to fight everyday after our tours and still be respectable family men.
Posted 05/05/12 at 18:57:27

I'll miss it! It was exciting!

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Dennis Haysbert (Jonas)
Regina Taylor (Molly)
Scott Foley (Bob)
Robert Patrick (Thomas)
Audrey Marie Anderson (Kim)
Max Martini (Mack)
Abby Brammell (Tiffy)
Demore Barnes (Hector)
Michael Irby (Charles)
Nicole Steinwedell (Bridget)