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Destination Truth

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Network: Syfy

A paranormal reality series that investigates paranormal sightings of all types of supernatural creatures.

Destination Truth follows paranormal investigator Josh Gates as he and his team travel around the world looking into the truth behind paranormal sightings.

Whether it's Bigfoot, ghosts, or vampires, the team uses their expertise to help determine if there is any truth to the claims or if they are purely based on myth alone.

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Posted 12/20/14 at 14:30:35

what are you people thinking! destination truth is a HIT Why is it not ON NOW ??!!
john hickam
Posted 12/02/14 at 13:54:45

hope your new show does'nt have people who start screaming and running everywhere when you see something. No wonder you never uncover any of the things you are after. You scare them to death before you get close enough to see anything. Oh yeah, love your show.
Tony SD
Posted 11/12/14 at 12:46:48

I hope Josh's new show "expedition unknown" will be as good as DT!
He's a very intelligent guy and has an entertaining crew.
PS, God Bless America, Arrest Obama!
Posted 11/06/14 at 10:50:08

I think DT is better then other Paranormal shows. It has something for everyone. I wish it would come back.
Posted 08/27/14 at 13:49:22

Love the show, please keep it up
Posted 08/26/14 at 09:56:35

Danny.... your a moron..take off the tin foil hat and turn in your Alex Jones decoder ring
Posted 08/18/14 at 08:38:27

This show is a hit! Should never be cancelled! :-( There is is a whole world waiting to be explored! Josh is hilarious, the team priceless! Dont cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 08/07/14 at 10:50:05

I am 63 yrs old and Destination Truth was absolutely my most favorite show on T.V.
I just can't believe it has been canceled! What a shame! I would write my Senator and my congress representative if I thought it would do any good, but they are about as useless as Syfy now days. All I can say is that it is a sad day in the neighborhood!
Boycott Syfy! Boycott Syfy!
Posted 07/29/14 at 13:10:23

Jeff Rice, one of the producers, died and they weren't able to keep going. they ended up cancelling the series
Steve Udontknow
Posted 07/26/14 at 06:34:00

When will tho she back on? I loved watching Josh, he was entertaining, funny and went after real myths.
And Danny, I really think Obama had NOTHING to do with the show not being on, that is yet another "Tea" myth that maybe Josh and the DT team might want to look into, but I think the need for sobriety is not really a good plot for one of his shows.
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