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Destination Truth

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Network: Syfy

A paranormal reality series that investigates paranormal sightings of all types of supernatural creatures.

Destination Truth follows paranormal investigator Josh Gates as he and his team travel around the world looking into the truth behind paranormal sightings.

Whether it's Bigfoot, ghosts, or vampires, the team uses their expertise to help determine if there is any truth to the claims or if they are purely based on myth alone.

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Posted 08/19/15 at 17:57:11

Great show really wish they'd make a whole new season I don't know anyone that didn't like it. Also how could you cancel something that had such great ratings and viewers from across the world please bring back!!
Posted 07/08/15 at 09:44:47

Please bring back the show. I still watch the reruns.... miss Josh and his team.
Posted 05/11/15 at 11:34:10

I miss this show Soo much! They need to make a new season. I love all the different creatures they look for and josh isn't scared of anything he is the perfect person for this type of show. He always run forward towards something instead of running away which I love to watch and also he is so funny I love all the jokes in the beginning plus his sarcasm throughout the show <3 I miss you josh!
Tina Settle
Posted 02/09/15 at 20:39:28

Really! No Destination Truth! Not a happy girl in Tennessee! Josh Gates and his team were just that a team full of humor fantastic adventures and amazing locations. Had it all in one great show. As far as signing a petition to bring you back Josh and your team in Destination Truth then I'm all in. Tina Settle-Knoxville,Tn
Posted 02/03/15 at 18:37:55

when are the rest of the seasons coming out on dvd? I've been waiting for a long time. It would be nice if they came out soon.
Anita Loupe
Posted 02/02/15 at 12:24:32

I am so sad about Destination Truth being Cancelled! I still watch every repeat that is on but sure would like to see some new episodes. It seems like as popular as the show is, that syfy could find another producer to continue the show!
We fans should start a petition!
I'll sign first.
Petition for Sy Fy to bring Destination Truth back!
1) Anita Loupe Knoxville, Tn
l dennis
Posted 02/02/15 at 08:58:54

WE LOVE DT AND LOOK FORWARD TO NEW ADVENTURES! PLEASE BRING IT BACK! if Destination Truth is not brought back Sci-Fi has lost some loyal viewers! It's the best show sci-fi had ever had.
Posted 12/20/14 at 14:30:35

what are you people thinking! destination truth is a HIT Why is it not ON NOW ??!!
john hickam
Posted 12/02/14 at 13:54:45

hope your new show does'nt have people who start screaming and running everywhere when you see something. No wonder you never uncover any of the things you are after. You scare them to death before you get close enough to see anything. Oh yeah, love your show.
Tony SD
Posted 11/12/14 at 12:46:48

I hope Josh's new show "expedition unknown" will be as good as DT!
He's a very intelligent guy and has an entertaining crew.
PS, God Bless America, Arrest Obama!

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