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Destination Truth

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Network: Syfy

A paranormal reality series that investigates paranormal sightings of all types of supernatural creatures.

Destination Truth follows paranormal investigator Josh Gates as he and his team travel around the world looking into the truth behind paranormal sightings.

Whether it's Bigfoot, ghosts, or vampires, the team uses their expertise to help determine if there is any truth to the claims or if they are purely based on myth alone.

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Tracy Penner
Posted 04/07/14 at 07:46:44

I GO AWAY FOR A YEAR, &BLAMMO!!! MY FAVORITE IS GONE!!! What the blarg?!?!Bring back Destination Truth, PERIOD.
Posted 03/30/14 at 12:52:57

Just announced on Destination Truth and Josh Gates Facebook page that it has indeed been canceled. It's a sad day....
Posted 03/12/14 at 07:04:53

What has happened to Destination Truth? This was my favoite show on TV. Seen all the reruns over and over again. I would love to see Josh and Erin along with the crew back. Was the only show like it on. Pleas bring it back.
Posted 03/11/14 at 08:41:36

You need to bring back destination truth
Deborah Henderson
Posted 02/11/14 at 09:42:28

I miss Destination Truth, it was an excellent show. I also love Ghost Hunters. I liked the variety of things Josh and team would go in pursuit of. You need to bring back Destination Truth.
Posted 02/07/14 at 11:13:27

Sy fy channel has lost what made them popular. All the good paranormal shows are being cut out and in their place we have garbage. If ghost hunters goes so do I plus quite a few people I know.
diane bustos
Posted 01/30/14 at 15:32:59

One of thr few shows that tells thr truth bring it back!
Posted 01/21/14 at 16:34:07

Bring back destination truth and fact or faked
Posted 01/15/14 at 18:13:32

Destination Truth is one of the better para shows on tv, very different from the others mixing scare with comedy. Syfy needs to get back to basics and bring back Haunted Collector, DT and Ghost Hunters on a regular basis. I do like Helix but reality is best.
Dennis Johnson
Posted 01/06/14 at 20:07:22

We need to boycott SyFy if we want DT back. It looks like they are not planning to bring it back and there is no good reason. It had extremely high ratings and the cast is willing so I don't see why SyFy would cancel it except for the typical reason greed. Boycott SyFy.
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