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Network: Nick

A sitcom following a young girl who creates her own web show.

After Carly and her best friend Sam put on an amusing performance at a talent show audition at their school, they find out that their friend has posted it online without their knowledge.

When it turns out to be a hit, Carly and Sam continue to put on the iCarly webcast out of a makeshift studio loft in Carly's brother's apartment. On the show, the girls host talent contests, talk about recipes, and have random dancing.

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Posted 04/19/14 at 19:09:07

I love icarly it is so sad it had to go I still can watch it on netflix:-(;-)!!!!!!!!!
Miranda Cosgrove
Posted 12/27/13 at 17:06:11

R.I.P. I-CARLY, SEP 8, 2007-NOV 23, 2012.
Some ramdom person :D
Posted 11/08/13 at 08:42:05

I love this show but i love sam and cat :D
Laura Mish
Posted 08/26/13 at 12:28:30

iCarly was the best. It was hilarious. My daughter and I watched it ALL the time. We cried when we watched the last episode. There'll never be another show like it :-(
A Random Person off the Street
Posted 07/13/13 at 21:52:16

It was a really good show for me and my family to watch, but I felt like they ran out of good ideas after 2009/2010
Kyle Gonzalez
Posted 03/21/13 at 19:41:22

UMMM Kaylee Dyer if your going to comment something bad then why comment at all, that is one of the most pesimistic posts i have ever read. If you really think its lame then comment on something you like, cause when you dogg a show that others like it doesn't make you look cool it makes you look rather ignorant.
Posted 03/19/13 at 22:42:41

All the good shi* is gone!!!!!!!! Can we get some better network companies who know what viewers like because the shi*heads DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW...Dog with a blog???? Shi that comes out my a**!!!!!
Posted 12/13/12 at 13:17:31

they lied! on the last episode sam said that it wasn't goodbye forever it was just a break and it's not and they should of continued it when they all went to college and then end it in like 6years or never.
Posted 11/29/12 at 17:19:42

I like icarly : (
Posted 06/09/12 at 11:21:14

It's so sad to see it end! I remember I was 9 when it first aired! Now I'm 14, but I still love the show!

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Genre: Comedy

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Miranda Cosgrove (Carly)
Jennette McCurdy (Sam)
Nathan Kress (Freddie)
Jerry Trainor (Spencer)
Noah Munck (Gibby)