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Sep 26, 2007 - Apr 08, 2009






Charlie - Damian LewisDani - Sarah ShahiBobby - Brent SextonCpt. Tidwell - Donal LogueTed - Adam ArkinConstance - Brooke LangtonKaren - Robin Weigert

Life was his sentence. Life is what he got back.

The series follows Charlie Crews, a detective released from prison after serving twelve years for a crime he did not commit.

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08/15/14 at 08:54am

Like Chuck, found this show on Netflix and an watched to the end! Very sorry it was cancelled! However, I get to see Shah in another show on T.V. now.
02/23/14 at 11:24pm

Two words: Writer's Strike; if that never happened this show would still be on. Writer's strike pretty much put a whole bunch of good shows into early retirement. With that strike, it open up the flood gate for all these asinine shows.
04/21/13 at 05:35pm

I too found this show on Netflix. I LOVED this show. I am sorry I didn't "know" of this show when it was on TV.
08/21/12 at 10:08am

Really miss this show.
07/25/12 at 08:27pm

I just found show on netflix also. It was awesome, didn't stop til I finished entire series. What a loss.
06/25/12 at 08:04am

crackin show, cancelled with no consideration for overseas viewers once again
06/23/12 at 07:28am

I just found this show on Netflix. How the HECK did they cancel this?!?!?! This show is on par with "House"!
04/17/12 at 05:31pm

This was an outstanding high quality show that could have continued to go in any number of entertaining directions. What a loss . . .
11/06/11 at 00:24am

I loved this show . It was the best. They always have to cancel the good ones

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