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Network: CW

A sitcom following a soul bounty hunter, or 'reaper'.

Sam Oliver is called upon by the Devil to become a reaper and retrieve souls that have escaped from Hell.

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Comments (6)

Posted 09/19/14 at 22:35:07

They should definitely bring this show back. Most of the crew isn't doing anything from what I see. Damn shame it was cancelled.
Posted 10/10/13 at 23:27:30

Oh man I loved this show! I used to watch it when I was 9 with my brother and sister. It was such a shame when it was cancelled! They never give good shows a chance and I wonder if they even care what people really want
Posted 12/23/12 at 11:37:36

They should being this show back. This show was some thing new and fresh. I really dont understand why they gave up so quickly on this show. I still believe this show could be major show TV. This show had me laughing hard each time!
Posted 10/15/12 at 18:21:30

Fun show with great character development..!!
Network Nitwits making decisions again..!!!
Posted 07/02/12 at 05:52:47

This was a great show! Loved all the characters. Very funny with just a little darkness. Wish they would bring this one back!
Posted 02/21/12 at 11:25:43

This show is really funny. I was very sad that there were only two seasons of it. I own both of them and they keep me laughing.

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Genre: Comedy

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Bret Harrison (Sam)
Tyler Labine (Sock)
Missy Peregrym (Andi)
Ray Wise (The Devil)
Rick Gonzalez (Ben)
Valarie Rae Miller (Josie)
Andrew Airlie (John)