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Sep 24, 2007 - Present






Leonard - Johnny GaleckiSheldon - Jim ParsonsPenny - Kaley CuocoHoward - Simon HelbergRajesh - Kunal NayyarLeslie - Sara Gilbert

A comedy following on two intelligent male professionals who live across the hall from an attractive waitress.

Sheldon and Leonard are physicists who also live together as roommates. When they meet Penny, a beautiful woman moving in next door who has showbiz aspirations, they realize they have a lot to learn about life outside the lab.

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10/27/17 at 10:48am

The way to kill off a sitcom: Have kids or get married. This has both and it shows. BORING So unless the scripts get better or a new storyline is added, I'm putting this on "to be watch, when there is nothing else on" status.
The Specialist
08/16/17 at 10:17am

Leonard and Penny were pretty much the highlight of the show. Just barely anymore. They've lost their moxy. Howard and Bernadette: headed for divorce court. Raj: always annoying, even right from the start. Stewart: always a creep. Sheldon and Amy: what a mismatch. Headed for a train wreck. Amy should have bounced his ass. Mary Cooper? Jury's still out on that one. Emily Sweeney: the only real thinker. Summary: BBT needs to be cancelled.
mike dobey
03/20/17 at 06:25pm

I still find this show very funny and the characters aged and grew over the years. So it's a good thing to me that this will be around for two more seasons.
03/20/17 at 01:17pm

This used to be my favorite show on TV, but I have to agree with some of the other's gone downhill. I still tune in every week, but I barely laugh anymore. I find it really odd that every single one of the guys (well, minus the always single Raj) ended up with a partner that is so non-geeky. Other than Bernadette (who I used to like and is now getting on my last nerve) and Amy (my favorite) being scientists, they have nothing in common with their husbands/boyfriend. Just seems weird to me. I miss the days of video games and Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. I know they all have to grow up...but it seems they gave up as well.
Matt Jones
02/08/17 at 07:44pm

This show was very funny for a long time but has gotten stale. They should give them one more season so they have a farewell tour, which they deserve...
06/17/16 at 03:40pm

Porter you are joking, right?
"Scorpion" is a "serious" show? Really?
Their stunts are funnier ("funnier" too) that TBBT's lines! :D
05/30/16 at 04:03pm

f**k u jim
05/08/16 at 04:35pm

This show is really great...the show 'scorpion' is the future of this show on the serious side. ...
03/11/16 at 05:07am

My opinion and I am entitled to it. I think this show has about run it's course and should have been wrapped up instead of being extended. What was for a long time funny is now tedious. The laughter sound track, which is to loud, has overtaken the dialogue and is now part of about every line delivered by the characters. If this thing is going to stay on they really need to reboot and see if they can bring some life back into the show.
10/01/15 at 05:36am

the following changes are pushing the show downhill... instead of hanging out in the boys apartment, hanging out with howard and that chicken with glasses Bernadette at his mom's house. no more Chinese food family dinners at the apartment, not enough raj, TOO MUCH Bernadette (she is not, EVER, funny), penny isn't pursuing her dream anymore, not enough adorable nerdiness, penny turned into a shapeless man, its all just too much. oh and lenny's highly anticipated wedding? WORST TV WEDDING EVER. please fix it or cancel the show.

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