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Network: CBS CTV ION

A police drama following the Strategic Response Unit within a Canadian metropolitan police force.

The Strategic Response Unit, or SRU, is an elite tactical unit tasked with resolving extreme situations that require special skills such as hostage negotiation or disarming heavily armed criminals.

While the team are equipped with sufficient weapons, the SRU prioritizes the use of judgment and experience to resolve each situation.

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helder wit
Posted 11/15/14 at 20:51:34

Stupid, glad its gone
Posted 05/08/14 at 01:07:23

Missed this show when it first started so hooked so sad it's gone. Great Cast amazing story line.
Posted 04/23/13 at 21:57:08

So sad to see it go. I don't know why it got canceled. It was a great show and it showed law enforcement in a different light. The stories showed the crime from a bit more human standpoint. You saw where a normal human can sometimes be pushed to the point they make a bad decision and how the authorities try to find out why the perpetrator is doing what they are doing and to get them to give up peacefully. Not quite the way most crime dramas do things.
Posted 02/26/13 at 17:50:58 missed the final episode. I saw it on ION a few weeks ago but if you keep watching and looking for it I'm sure you will see it. The episode (part two) had the same title as part one so that might have been your confusion. I think it was Keep The Peace

I love this show and will miss it. Too bad the smartest and best shows don't make it.

Posted 02/12/13 at 14:37:56

We love this show and I watched it since the first episode. We even found it on ion to keep watching. Last month they showed part 1 of a 2 part it was really good about a bomber striking all over the city and Ed's son being trapped in his car but they never aired the 2nd part and every where I look I can't find it or it says it's no longer on. We love this show. What can we do to get it back. There is so much left to play out.
Debbie Stetler
Posted 01/22/13 at 21:14:28

really want to see season six. we Love the show and don't want it to end. they are all great actors.there isn't a Lot of good shows out but Love this show. please try to keep it going
Posted 12/18/12 at 20:13:08

they will not be returning. they are suppose to be airing a goodbye special.
Posted 12/14/12 at 02:03:38

How come flashpoint is not listed in the rating section ??? I have found this to be the case for at least three other shows. Strike force is another high rated show that is not listed, I am confused. I sent a email asking about Strike Force but did not receive a reply. Just asking. MKL
Posted 12/05/12 at 21:21:45

Finally a show that keeps my attention. Real people in a real home vs. career atmosphere. Flashpoint is the best "reality" show I have ever watched. Cancelling this show would be an injustice to all who have a finer taste in quality.
Posted 11/01/12 at 17:57:32

so there is a 6 season coming out?! Luv this show! It's inspired me to move to Cananda and join th SRU! I luv this show so fraking much!!!!! Can't wait! I wish I lived there and not in the USA :( oh well!

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Enrico Colantoni (Greg)
Hugh Dillon (Ed)
Amy Jo Johnson (Jules)
David Paetkau (Sam)
Sergio Di Zio (Spike)
Michael Cram (Wordy)
Mark Taylor (Lew)