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Gary Unmarried

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Network: CBS

A comedy following a recently divorced couple sharing custody of their kids while starting new relationships.

Gary Brooks is three months divorced from his wife Allison. He owns a house painting business and now has his own place, as he tries move on from his marriage and get back out into the dating scene. It's not so easy, however, as Gary still has to deal with his ex-wife because of their two children.

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Posted 03/27/13 at 09:46:11

What was CBS thinking???this was an amazing show. They should bring it back. This is one of the best comedy shows that i have watched and i have watched many. They should really bring it back. We should write a letter to CBS.
Steph Beaulne
Posted 05/15/12 at 13:13:50

This show was great in its first season, but I felt the show went downhill with season 2. I was slightly disappointed that it got cancelled, but not more than that.
russell Novotny
Posted 04/19/12 at 09:50:13

This was our favorite show. I would rank it with Seinfeld as best written and acted. What a pity.
Posted 01/29/12 at 10:54:17

One of the most underrated shows of all time.
Posted 09/18/11 at 14:42:21

I was mad when they cancelled this show
Posted 09/07/11 at 23:08:23

This is yet another one of those shows that me and my wife were so "in to" what was going on, love the characters, loved the premise, storyline, everything, couldn't wait to see what was going to happen between Gary and Sasha, his job on the radio show, etc, then BAM!, CBS does it to us yet again, cancels one of our most favorite shows...

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Genre: Comedy

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Jay Mohr (Gary)
Paula Marshall (Allison)
Ryan Malgarini (Tom)
Kathryn Newton (Louise)
Keegan-Michael Key (Curtis)
Brooke D'Orsay (Sasha)