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My Own Worst Enemy

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Network: NBC

A drama following a secret agent who has no knowledge of his double life.

Edward Albright is a secret agent who has had a special chip implanted in him that allows his handlers to switch his personality to that of his cover, known as Henry Spivey. Up until recently, Henry had no knowledge of his double life.

Thanks to a malfunction that caused Edward's personalities to switch at random, his secret life was revealed to his alias. Henry is now unwittingly thrown into the perilous life of Edward, with no way for the two to communicate except by the use of short video messages.

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Christian Slater (Henry/Edward)
Madchen Amick (Angie)
Taylor Lautner (Jack)
Bella Thorne (Ruthy)
Saffron Burrows (Norah)
Mike O'Malley (Tom/Raymond)
Alfre Woodard (Mavis)
James Cromwell (Alistair)