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Operation Repo

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Network: truTV

The English-language version of the original Spanish program shown on Telemundo.

Operation Repo is a series focused on the world of vehicle repossession. The show is based in California's San Fernando Valley and depicts a professional team that conducts repossessions for finance companies.

While mostly automobiles are repossessed, other items have included boats, planes, and hot air balloons.

Operation Repo is based off of real world stories, but uses actors and staged footage to re-enact the scenarios.

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Comments (21)

rene garcia
Posted 09/16/15 at 13:06:33

I miss that show was great hope come back soon please.
Luis Otero
Posted 09/16/15 at 13:02:49

that was my number one show please come back soon,
Posted 02/13/15 at 18:02:58

Please reconsider an bring it back.
Dolly Roy
Posted 02/05/15 at 21:52:16

I miss watching Operation Repo, I wish they were still on . It was great and always full of action . They're only on Spanish Chanel's now , I wish I spoke the language . The crew is great , especially the owner Lou , he was always very professional , and seems like a really nice person : I hope they're all doing well !!
Posted 01/30/15 at 21:38:51

Hate Hardcore Pawn, promotes the stereotypical Jew, hate Impractical Jokers, can only watch so much "World's Dumbest ' ..... South Beach Tow, just not the same and reun to death, "little people" are becoming the rage and I don't enjoy watching them at all .... So if Operation Repo is not being brought back, I guess I'll do what many of my friends have done, just turn the darn TV off and find a new hobby.
Posted 01/30/15 at 21:31:02

It's gone ? Too sad for words.
Savannah Page
Posted 05/14/14 at 15:33:41

I will miss my favorite repo show! Sonia is the break out star!
Posted 05/07/14 at 16:39:15

please bring operation repo back, truly miss the show
Posted 03/15/14 at 21:05:47

you know it is sad to sat good bye to operation repo it was a fun ride i am going to miss matt and froy and lou he was cool he will say hook and book
Posted 03/15/14 at 14:16:23

This was such an entertaining show! I loved all the characters and hope that if there's enough of an outcry from viewers, that the show will be brought back...

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