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True Blood

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Network: HBO

A drama series that tells of the co-existence between vampires and humans in a small Louisiana town.

True Blood takes place in Bon Temps, Louisiana, and follows a waitress, Sookie, who meets a handsome 173-year-old vampire, Bill, who has returned to the town following the death of his last remaining relative. Vampires now live amongst humans after the creation of synthetic blood.

Sookie is telepathic, but because she cannot hear Bill's thoughts, she takes comfort in his company. The show follows their involvement as the series progresses.

True Blood is based on the The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels, written by Charlaine Harris.

Comments (19)

Connie Cheek
Posted 11/28/16 at 11:09:05

This ending was the worst I've ever seen it also had way to much hard core sex soft sex would have been better.but I really liked it,I watched the series 3or4 times. Wish they could bring it back with a new seems like they were in such hurry to end it that they didn't give it much thought.
Posted 02/15/15 at 14:38:00

Loved this show for seasons 1-4 then it started to get ridiculous. HBO strayed too far from the Sookie Stackhouse books and more or less ruined all the characters. HBO usually good for killing off characters in their series and in my opinion some characters could have stood to die long ago.
Posted 09/13/14 at 14:30:02

Goodbye true blood, RIP. You will be missed.
Posted 08/24/14 at 21:33:33

I was wrong. The more I watch of this, the more I hate it.
D Racula
Posted 08/04/14 at 04:11:01

Nothing like the reality Just another teen based horror series.Like game of thrones boring to the extreme
David Wood
Posted 07/06/14 at 19:19:48

It has all the bells and whistles. Fun to watch.
A tiny bit of hardcore drama would make this show great.
Posted 07/03/14 at 05:14:22

I had ignored this show because I thought it was just another lame teen monster series. But I just watched season 1 and am glad to know I have 6 more seasons to go with a proper story arc and ending. HBO got it right this time.
Posted 06/23/14 at 20:40:30

A real good run, really enjoyed this show. It's good to know that the folks in charge of "this" show have recognized, it's time to pull the plug. To bad the folks in charge of the "ambulatory zombies" haven't figured it out yet. Oh well, live and learn, aye ...
Posted 06/20/14 at 00:10:50

An end of an era. The folks of Blood will sorrow with despair. No vamps this coming foe.
Posted 05/24/14 at 19:00:47

I only watch this show to see Eric and Alcide. OMG!

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Anna Paquin (Sookie)
Stephen Moyer (Bill)
Alexander Skarsgard (Eric)
Sam Trammell (Sam)
Rutina Wesley (Tara)
Ryan Kwanten (Jason)
Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette)
Jim Parrack (Hoyt)
Carrie Preston (Arlene)
Chris Bauer (Andy)
William Sanderson (Bud)