16 and Pregnant

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Jun 11, 2009 - Jul 01, 2014






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A reality series documenting the hardships of teenage pregnancy.

"16 and Pregnant" follows stories of various pregnant teenage girls who must deal with their life-changing experience while still attending high school.

A different girl is featured in each episode, which begins a few months into their pregnancy and covers a timeline through until a few months after their baby is born.

The show has spawned spin-off series' Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

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08/19/13 at 03:17pm

Why is THIS show still on??
05/14/13 at 11:11pm

This is stupid crap, stop putting this **** on TV!!!!
05/11/13 at 06:45pm

Why do you keep all of these dumb "reality" shows and dump your other programs? I guess the new "reality" is junk TV from all of the networks!
11/05/12 at 07:45pm

This show was created in order to show teens how hard it is to have a child and being a child. It shows situations from, adoption to having a baby. I don't agree with all the teenagers that have children, but I do agree with what the show was trying to do which was get down to the nitty gritty about the consequences of having sex and an unplanned pregnancy as a teenager. I am a sexually active teenager, and there is absolutely no way I would set out and try to have a baby. If I was to get pregnant, that would be my own mistake, and I would do what I thought was best. But somehow teenagers needed to learn what the reality of the situation is really like. Some of those girls losing their spots on the cheer leading squad, their senior years, the choice of playing a sport, or being able to just take care of themselves. I can understand how some people would think that these girls just went out and got pregnant, and some of them probably did, but speaking from a teenager's perspective who wants more from life and from myself, I have to much to lose. Just like these other girls do. In the back of every girl's mind, they know what kind of father their sexual partner will be like and if they choose to do it anyways, they are taking that risk that is hurting not only their futures, but also their child's. People do need to stress contraceptives and birth control more though.
Kevin O.
10/30/12 at 07:50am

I can't believe 16 and Pregnant is on for many seasons. I wanna know who runs MTV. He/she should be fired. This show is basically telling kids to have kids. WAIT TIL YOUR MARRIED TO HAVE KIDS!!
07/25/12 at 12:47pm

Shows like this are still on the air, while decent shows (Terra Nova, The Finder, etc ((The fact that they're on another channel is irrelevant))) are being cancelled. And yet, they continue to air shows like "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" that they believe people will watch. /)_-
07/15/12 at 11:41pm

This show should be cancelled!
07/15/12 at 09:41pm

This show is just horrible. Why would anyone watch this? Its not like teens will stop having babies by watching this. I guess MTV know what teens enjoy. -.-
06/03/12 at 07:52pm

Please, oh please, no more of this. Promote contaceptives and abortion! Or better yet, stem cell research. But nooo, it's a SIN.
I agree with kelly, " KIDS SHOULD NOT HAVE KIDS". Teach them how to avoid getting pregnant, not the concequences, I think they are pretty clear - you are F.ed for life. There is so much I'd like to say here, but it is all coming out wrong, somehow. So, i'll just shut up.
12/20/11 at 08:33pm

I thought this show would scare teens into not getting pregnant but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. To be honest, it shows bratty, selfish teenagers who care nothing about themselves even after they get pregnant or get someone pregnant. I know, I know, some kids are bratty and selfish anyway, but I really think this show needs to go b/c it doesn't teach teens anything except that teen pregnancy is getting glamorized. Teen pregnancy is not a joke. Kids should not have kids! Having babies is for mature adults! MTV, cancel this show already!

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